Kowhai Park - Mitchell Street
Mitchell Street (near 212)
Mitchell Street at Virginia Grove
Mitchell Street at Colorado Grove
Mitchell Street at Hoover Street (near 138)
Mitchell Street at Karepa Street
Karepa Street (opposite 171)
Karepa Street at Ashton Fitchett Drive
Karepa Street (near 80)
Apuka Street at Mitchell Street (near 48)
Mitchell Street (near 33)
Todman Street at Mitchell Street (near 88)
Todman Street (near 60)
Brooklyn - Stop B
Brooklyn Village - Cleveland Street
Ohiro Road at Tanera Crescent
Brooklyn Road opposite Washington Avenue
Brooklyn Road opposite Bidwill Street
Brooklyn Road at Nairn Street
Brooklyn Road near Central Park Entrance
Brooklyn Road opposite Nairn Street
Willis Street - Abel Smith Street
Willis Street (near 190)
Willis Street at Flagstaff Lane
Willis Street at Grand Arcade
Lambton Quay at Cable Car Lane
Lambton Central - Stop A
Lambton Quay North - Stop C
Wellington Station - Stop D
7:10 am7:25 am7:40 am7:55 am8:25 am B
7:11 am7:26 am7:41 am7:56 am8:26 am B
7:12 am7:27 am7:42 am7:57 am8:26 am B
7:13 am7:28 am7:43 am7:58 am8:27 am B
7:14 am7:29 am7:44 am7:59 am8:27 am B
7:15 am7:30 am7:45 am8:00 am8:28 am B
7:16 am7:31 am7:46 am8:01 am8:28 am B
7:17 am7:32 am7:47 am8:03 am8:29 am B
7:18 am7:33 am7:48 am8:04 am8:30 am B
7:19 am7:34 am7:49 am8:05 am8:30 am B
7:20 am7:36 am7:51 am8:06 am8:31 am B
7:21 am7:37 am7:52 am8:07 am8:32 am B
7:22 am7:38 am7:53 am8:08 am8:32 am B
    8:34 am B
    8:35 am B
7:25 am7:40 am7:55 am8:11 am8:37 am B
7:26 am7:42 am7:57 am8:12 am8:39 am B
7:28 am7:44 am7:59 am8:15 am8:42 am B
7:29 am7:44 am7:59 am8:16 am8:43 am B
7:30 am7:46 am8:01 am8:17 am8:45 am B
7:31 am7:47 am8:02 am8:18 am8:47 am B
7:33 am7:49 am8:04 am8:20 am8:49 am B
7:35 am7:50 am8:05 am8:22 am8:52 am B
7:36 am7:52 am8:07 am8:23 am8:53 am B
7:38 am7:53 am8:08 am8:25 am8:56 am B
7:39 am7:55 am8:10 am8:27 am8:58 am B
7:40 am7:56 am8:11 am8:28 am9:00 am B
7:41 am7:57 am8:12 am8:29 am9:02 am B
7:43 am7:59 am8:14 am8:31 am9:04 am B
  • B - Bus travels via Brooklyn Hub to allow parents to drop pupils at Brooklyn School (as requested by Kowhai Park bus users). Alternative route 17 bus also now available from Kowhai at 8:38 timed for school bell time.
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Kowhai Park - Brooklyn - Wellington route

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