Courtenay Place - Paramount
Courtenay Place at St James Theatre
Manners Street at Cuba Street (near 66)
Manners Street at Willis Street
Willis Street - Grand Arcade
Lambton Quay - Cable Car
Lambton Central (near 222)
Lambton Quay - North End - Stop H
Tinakori Road opposite St Mary Street
Botanic Garden - Glenmore Street
Glenmore Street (opposite 100)
Glenmore Street (near 147)
Glenmore Street (near 177)
Glenmore Street (near 205)
Glenmore Street at Karori Tunnel
Zealandia - Northland Tunnel Road
Northland Tunnel (opposite Putnam Street)
Northland Village - Northland Road
Northland Road (near 87)
Northland Road at Kaihuia Street
Northland Road at Pembroke Road
Pembroke Road (near 19)
Pembroke Road at Cheshire Street
Pembroke Road at Huntingdon Street (near 117)
Pembroke Road at Hereford Street
Pembroke Road (near 203)
Mairangi Road (near 217)
Mairangi Road at Euston Road
Mairangi Road at Dorset Way
Mairangi Road at Rutland Way (near 92)
Mairangi Road at Norwich Street
Mairangi - Norwich Street
4:55 pm5:08 pm5:38 pm
4:56 pm5:10 pm5:39 pm
4:58 pm5:12 pm5:41 pm
5:00 pm5:15 pm5:43 pm
5:03 pm5:17 pm5:46 pm
5:05 pm5:20 pm5:48 pm
5:06 pm5:21 pm5:49 pm
5:08 pm5:24 pm5:51 pm
5:11 pm5:27 pm5:54 pm
5:11 pm5:28 pm5:54 pm
5:13 pm5:30 pm5:56 pm
5:14 pm5:31 pm5:56 pm
5:15 pm5:32 pm5:57 pm
5:15 pm5:32 pm5:58 pm
5:16 pm5:33 pm5:58 pm
5:17 pm5:34 pm5:59 pm
5:18 pm5:35 pm6:00 pm
5:18 pm5:36 pm6:00 pm
5:19 pm5:37 pm6:01 pm
5:20 pm5:38 pm6:02 pm
5:21 pm5:38 pm6:03 pm
5:21 pm5:39 pm6:04 pm
5:22 pm5:40 pm6:04 pm
5:23 pm5:41 pm6:05 pm
5:24 pm5:42 pm6:06 pm
5:25 pm5:43 pm6:08 pm
5:25 pm5:44 pm6:08 pm
5:26 pm5:45 pm6:09 pm
5:26 pm5:45 pm6:09 pm
5:27 pm5:46 pm6:10 pm
5:27 pm5:46 pm6:10 pm
5:29 pm5:48 pm6:12 pm

Wellington - Mairangi route

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