1:25 pm3:25 pm5:25 pm6:10 pm
1:26 pm3:26 pm5:26 pm6:11 pm
1:28 pm3:28 pm5:28 pm6:13 pm
1:29 pm3:29 pm5:29 pm6:14 pm
1:30 pm3:30 pm5:30 pm6:15 pm
1:31 pm3:31 pm5:31 pm6:16 pm
1:31 pm3:31 pm5:31 pm6:16 pm
1:33 pm3:33 pm5:33 pm6:18 pm
1:38 pm3:38 pm5:38 pm6:23 pm
1:39 pm3:39 pm5:39 pm6:24 pm
1:40 pm3:40 pm5:40 pm6:25 pm
1:41 pm3:41 pm5:41 pm6:26 pm
1:42 pm3:42 pm5:42 pm6:27 pm
1:43 pm3:43 pm5:43 pm6:28 pm
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Riverstone Terraces - Upper Hutt route

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