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Newtown Park - Wellington Zoo
Mansfield Street near Roy Street
Riddiford Street at Gordon St (Caltex)
Riddiford Street at Newtown Shops (opposite 157)
Riddiford Street at Hall Street
Wellington Hospital (opposite)
John Street at Adelaide Road (near 11)
National Dance and Drama Centre - Stop A
Wallace Street at Carrington Street (near 112)
Wallace Street (near 82)
Massey University - Wallace Street (opposite)
Taranaki Street (near 274)
Taranaki Street at Abel Smith Street
Taranaki Street at Vivian Street (Briscoes)
Taranaki Street at Courtenay Place (near 72)
Manners Street at Cuba Street (near 66)
Manners Street at Willis Street
Willis Street - Grand Arcade
Lambton Quay - Cable Car
Lambton Central (near 222)
Lambton Quay - North End - Stop I
Wellington Station - Stop D
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6:41 am6:56 am7:16 am7:36 am8:12 am8:42 am8:56 am9:23 am9:53 am10:23 am10:53 am11:23 am11:53 am12:23 pm12:53 pm1:23 pm1:53 pm2:23 pm2:56 pm3:32 pm4:02 pm4:32 pm4:52 pm5:12 pm5:31 pm5:51 pm
6:42 am6:57 am7:18 am7:38 am8:13 am8:43 am8:58 am9:25 am9:55 am10:25 am10:55 am11:25 am11:55 am12:25 pm12:55 pm1:25 pm1:55 pm2:25 pm2:58 pm3:33 pm4:03 pm4:33 pm4:53 pm5:13 pm5:33 pm5:53 pm
6:43 am6:58 am7:19 am7:39 am8:15 am8:45 am8:59 am9:26 am9:56 am10:26 am10:56 am11:26 am11:56 am12:26 pm12:56 pm1:26 pm1:56 pm2:26 pm2:59 pm3:35 pm4:05 pm4:35 pm4:55 pm5:15 pm5:34 pm5:54 pm
6:44 am6:59 am7:20 am7:40 am8:16 am8:46 am9:00 am9:27 am9:57 am10:27 am10:57 am11:27 am11:57 am12:27 pm12:57 pm1:27 pm1:57 pm2:27 pm3:00 pm3:36 pm4:06 pm4:36 pm4:56 pm5:16 pm5:35 pm5:55 pm
6:45 am7:00 am7:21 am7:41 am8:17 am8:47 am9:01 am9:28 am9:58 am10:28 am10:58 am11:28 am11:58 am12:28 pm12:58 pm1:28 pm1:58 pm2:28 pm3:01 pm3:37 pm4:07 pm4:37 pm4:57 pm5:17 pm5:36 pm5:56 pm
6:46 am7:01 am7:22 am7:42 am8:18 am8:48 am9:02 am9:29 am9:59 am10:29 am10:59 am11:29 am11:59 am12:29 pm12:59 pm1:29 pm1:59 pm2:29 pm3:02 pm3:38 pm4:08 pm4:38 pm4:58 pm5:18 pm5:37 pm5:57 pm
6:46 am7:01 am7:23 am7:43 am8:19 am8:49 am9:03 am9:30 am10:00 am10:30 am11:00 am11:30 am12:00 pm12:30 pm1:00 pm1:30 pm2:00 pm2:30 pm3:03 pm3:39 pm4:09 pm4:39 pm4:59 pm5:19 pm5:38 pm5:58 pm
6:47 am7:02 am7:23 am7:43 am8:19 am8:49 am9:03 am9:30 am10:00 am10:30 am11:00 am11:30 am12:00 pm12:30 pm1:00 pm1:30 pm2:00 pm2:30 pm3:03 pm3:40 pm4:10 pm4:40 pm5:00 pm5:20 pm5:38 pm5:58 pm
6:47 am7:02 am7:24 am7:44 am8:20 am8:50 am9:04 am9:31 am10:01 am10:31 am11:01 am11:31 am12:01 pm12:31 pm1:01 pm1:31 pm2:01 pm2:31 pm3:04 pm3:40 pm4:10 pm4:40 pm5:00 pm5:20 pm5:39 pm5:59 pm
6:48 am7:03 am7:25 am7:45 am8:21 am8:51 am9:05 am9:32 am10:02 am10:32 am11:02 am11:32 am12:02 pm12:32 pm1:02 pm1:32 pm2:02 pm2:32 pm3:05 pm3:42 pm4:12 pm4:42 pm5:02 pm5:22 pm5:40 pm6:00 pm
6:49 am7:04 am7:26 am7:46 am8:23 am8:53 am9:06 am9:33 am10:03 am10:33 am11:03 am11:33 am12:03 pm12:33 pm1:03 pm1:33 pm2:03 pm2:33 pm3:06 pm3:44 pm4:14 pm4:44 pm5:04 pm5:24 pm5:42 pm6:02 pm
6:51 am7:06 am7:28 am7:48 am8:25 am8:55 am9:08 am9:35 am10:05 am10:35 am11:05 am11:35 am12:05 pm12:35 pm1:05 pm1:35 pm2:05 pm2:35 pm3:08 pm3:46 pm4:16 pm4:46 pm5:06 pm5:26 pm5:43 pm6:03 pm
6:52 am7:07 am7:29 am7:49 am8:26 am8:56 am9:09 am9:36 am10:06 am10:36 am11:06 am11:36 am12:06 pm12:36 pm1:06 pm1:36 pm2:06 pm2:36 pm3:09 pm3:48 pm4:18 pm4:48 pm5:08 pm5:28 pm5:45 pm6:05 pm
6:53 am7:08 am7:31 am7:51 am8:28 am8:58 am9:11 am9:38 am10:08 am10:38 am11:08 am11:38 am12:08 pm12:38 pm1:08 pm1:38 pm2:08 pm2:38 pm3:11 pm3:49 pm4:19 pm4:49 pm5:09 pm5:29 pm5:46 pm6:06 pm
6:55 am7:10 am7:32 am7:52 am8:30 am9:00 am9:12 am9:39 am10:09 am10:39 am11:09 am11:39 am12:09 pm12:39 pm1:09 pm1:39 pm2:09 pm2:39 pm3:12 pm3:51 pm4:21 pm4:51 pm5:11 pm5:31 pm5:48 pm6:08 pm
6:56 am7:11 am7:34 am7:54 am8:32 am9:02 am9:14 am9:41 am10:11 am10:41 am11:11 am11:41 am12:11 pm12:41 pm1:11 pm1:41 pm2:11 pm2:41 pm3:14 pm3:53 pm4:23 pm4:53 pm5:13 pm5:33 pm5:50 pm6:10 pm
6:58 am7:13 am7:36 am7:56 am8:34 am9:04 am9:16 am9:43 am10:13 am10:43 am11:13 am11:43 am12:13 pm12:43 pm1:13 pm1:43 pm2:13 pm2:43 pm3:16 pm3:55 pm4:25 pm4:55 pm5:15 pm5:35 pm5:52 pm6:12 pm
6:59 am7:14 am7:38 am7:58 am8:36 am9:06 am9:18 am9:45 am10:15 am10:45 am11:15 am11:45 am12:15 pm12:45 pm1:15 pm1:45 pm2:15 pm2:45 pm3:18 pm3:58 pm4:28 pm4:58 pm5:18 pm5:38 pm5:54 pm6:14 pm
7:00 am7:15 am7:39 am7:59 am8:37 am9:07 am9:19 am9:46 am10:16 am10:46 am11:16 am11:46 am12:16 pm12:46 pm1:16 pm1:46 pm2:16 pm2:46 pm3:19 pm3:59 pm4:29 pm4:59 pm5:19 pm5:39 pm5:55 pm6:15 pm
7:01 am7:16 am7:40 am8:00 am8:39 am9:09 am9:20 am9:47 am10:17 am10:47 am11:17 am11:47 am12:17 pm12:47 pm1:17 pm1:47 pm2:17 pm2:47 pm3:20 pm4:01 pm4:31 pm5:01 pm5:21 pm5:41 pm5:57 pm6:17 pm
7:03 am7:18 am7:42 am8:02 am8:41 am9:11 am9:22 am9:49 am10:19 am10:49 am11:19 am11:49 am12:19 pm12:49 pm1:19 pm1:49 pm2:19 pm2:49 pm3:22 pm4:03 pm4:33 pm5:03 pm5:23 pm5:43 pm5:59 pm6:19 pm

Newtown - Wellington route

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