8:21 am12:55 pm4:25 pm5:30 pm6:18 pm
8:34 am1:08 pm4:38 pm5:43 pm6:31 pm
8:40 am1:14 pm4:44 pm5:49 pm6:37 pm
8:55 am1:29 pm5:03 pm6:07 pm6:55 pm
9:02 am1:36 pm5:12 pm6:15 pm7:03 pm
9:21 am1:55 pm5:33 pm6:36 pm7:24 pm
9:28 am2:02 pm5:41 pm6:43 pm7:31 pm
9:34 am2:08 pm5:47 pm6:49 pm7:37 pm
9:43 am2:17 pm5:56 pm6:58 pm7:46 pm
9:54 am2:28 pm6:07 pm7:09 pm7:57 pm
9:58 am2:32 pm6:11 pm7:13 pm8:01 pm
10:01 am2:35 pm6:13 pm7:15 pm8:03 pm

Alternative Routes:

Note: A minimum adult cash fare of up to $10.50 applies for journeys from Wellington Station to Petone, Waterloo and Upper Hutt. Surcharges also apply to HVL 10-trip and monthly passes.

Relevant Service Updates 2

WRL: investigation commissioned into rail service issues

Dear WRL commuters… More Information

Valid from: 12:00am on Tuesday 19th December 2017
WRL - From Sun 19 Nov 2017, there will be adjustments to Wairarapa train and bus timetables

From Sunday 19 November 2017 there will be adjustments to Wairarapa train and bus services.… More Information

Valid from: 8:00am on Monday 30th October 2017

Wairarapa Line (Masterton - Wellington) route

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