If you can travel off-peak you save 25%!

If you start your trip after 9:00am and before 3:00pm weekdays (off-peak starts again after 6:30pm), and all day weekends and public holidays, you can save 25% on your fare. We have introduced off-peak discounts to encourage you to catch Metlink buses and trains outside the peak commuting times.


If you catch the bus you will need to use your Snapper card.Swipe on after 9:00 am and your trip will be 25% cheaper than before 9:00 am. It does make a difference.

For example, a bus trip from Jackson Street in Petone to Lambton Quay will cost an adult $4.20 during peak hours and $3.15 in off-peak - $1.05 savings.

Off-peak discounts aren't available when you use cash, on After Midnight bus services or if your are travelling on another concessions such as Child, Tertiary or Accessible..


If you catch the train you will need to purchase an Off-Peak 10-Trip ticket covering the number of zones you want to travel to get the 25% discount. Again it is not available if you pay cash.

A train trip from Upper Station to Wellington Station costs $7.40 during peak and $5.55 off-peak.

Off-peak fares also do not apply if you are travelling on another discount including Child, Tertiary or Accessible.

Off- peak hours


Between 9:00 am & 3:00 pm

After 6:30 pm

(doesn't apply to After Midnight bus services or services not operated by Metlink eg 91)

Weekends All day but it doesn't apply to After Midnight bus services
Public holidays All day but it doesn't apply to After Midnight bus services

 To check the cost of your trip go to our Journey Planner for full fares information including comparisons of peak and off-peak travel to help you plan.