If you travel on a Wairarapa service in the afternoon peak from Wellington Station on a MonthlyPlus pass of 7 zones or less, or a 10-Trip ticket of 7 zones or less, you will need to pay a surcharge if you travel only to the Hutt Valley.

This is to ensure that we have enough capacity for customers travelling to the Wairarapa. The surcharge, which must be paid with cash, is $5 if you are using a pass or ticket valid from zone 1 to zones 4, 5, or 6, and $1 if you are using tickets valid from zone 1 to zone 7.

If you pay cash on the Wairarapa Line, a minimum fare for 8 zones (currently $10.50) applies on afternoon peak outbound services if you board at Wellington Station and disembark in the Hutt Valley.