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MetLink Buses DSC03013 717 HR2Snapper is an electronic payment card for your Metlink bus travel around the Wellington region.

Snapper is the smart way to pay

  • It’s convenient – no need to fumble around for cash in your pocket or wallet. There are many ways to top up your Snapper card and you can register your card to protect your Snapper balance if your card is lost or stolen
  • It’s cheaper – you’ll pay at least 25% more using cash than with a Snapper card. Free transfers, Off-peak, Child/School, Tertiary and Accessible concessions are all delivered via your Snapper card. There are no discounts on cash
  • Transfers at no extra cost – as long as you tag on to another Metlink bus service within 30 minutes you get the transfer at no cost. The final fare you pay will be based on the number of zones you travel on your entire journey – even if you have to catch more than one bus.
  • Faster than cash – no need to tell the bus driver your destination, or to wait for the ticket or change. Just tag on and off with your Snapper – but please do still take the time to say kia ora to the driver!

To read more about using Snapper, please visit Snapper.co.nz
(external link)

1Getting a Snapper Card

You can buy a Snapper card for RRP $10 from a Snapper retailer or online on the Snapper website (external link) .

Once you have your Snapper card don't forget to register it. This will not only protect your balance should your Snapper ever get lost or stolen. You can check your balance and transaction history online. Register your Snapper now!
(external link)

After you're registered, you can apply for a concession on your Snapper card (external link) if you're eligible for for the child, tertiary, or accessible concession.

2Topping up your Snapper

Remember to top up your Snapper card before you head to the bus stop.

You can top up:

Find out more about topping up your Snapper Card (external link)

3Tag on and tag off

Just hold your Snapper card to the Snapper fish on the reader  you’ll hear a beep and see a green tick on the screen to let you know you’ve tagged on.

As you leave the bus, tag off at the back the same way you tagged on and you’ll automatically be charged the right amount. Easy as that! 

Been overcharged?

Sometimes circumstances outside of your control mean you can’t tag off, often in these cases you’ll hear “please tag on at the front” or “fare already paid”. As of November 2018, Snapper issues automatic refunds of penalties where you have tried to tag off the bus but have not been able to. These refunds will be processed in 2 working days from the time the tag off attempt was made, and once collected will appear in your transaction history

If you think you’ve been unfairly penalized but have not received your refund in 2 working days, please contact Snapper (external link) . Remember, refunds are only applied under circumstances where you have tried to tag off but haven’t been able to. You still need to tag off each time you get off the bus. Failing to do so will result in a penalty charge of an end of the line fare without the Snapper discount

More information on getting a refund
(external link)

On our way to integrated ticketing

Snapper is an interim solution to make bus travel easier. We are continuing to work on delivering a fully integrated next generation payment system that you’ll be able to use on all buses, trains and harbour ferries across the region. This project is still a couple of years away and we will keep you up to date with our progress.