Travel off-peak on a Metlink bus or train and save 25% of your Snapper or 10-trip fares. All you need to do is start your bus journey or rail trip on a service scheduled at an off-peak time.

Off-peak fares aren’t available when using cash, on non-Metlink services, on After Midnight bus services, if you are travelling on another concession such as Child, Tertiary, or Accessible, or if you’re using a period pass such as a monthly or day pass.

Off-peak hours


9am - 3pm

After 6.30pm

Weekends All day
Public holidays All day


  • If you catch the bus you will need to use your Snapper card, just swipe on and your trip will be 25% cheaper than a peak fare 
  • For example, a bus trip from Jackson Street in Petone to Lambton Quay will cost an adult $4.20 during peak hours and $3.15 in off-peak – $1.05 savings


  • If you catch the train you will need to purchase an Off-Peak 10-Trip ticket covering the zones you want to travel to get the 25% discount
  • For example, a train trip from Upper Hutt Station to Wellington Station costs $7.40 on a regular 10-Trip ticket during peak and $5.55 using an Off-peak 10-Trip ticket, saving you $1.85

To check the cost of your trip, go to our Journey Planner for full fares information including comparisons of peak and off-peak travel to help you plan.