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50% discount for children on trains, buses and harbour ferries with a Child Concession. 

This is available when using:

  • A Snapper card on buses with a Child Concession applied to it – see below to find out how to apply for a child concession
  • A Concession 10-trip ticket on rail
  • Concession 10-trip ticket on ferry
  • A Child Monthly or Child MonthlyPlus pass for rail
  • A Child Event ticket for rail
  • When paying by cash (when using cash the discount may not be exactly 50% of the adult fare, because cash fares are rounded up to the nearest 50 cents)

School students need to be in school uniform or show a valid school photo ID if requested.

Who qualifies for a child concession? 

The Child Concession applies to school-aged children:

  • Under fives travel for free
  • Aged between age 5 and 6 years who have not started school 
  • Primary and intermediate school students are entitled to the Child Concession in or out of school uniform. 
  • Secondary school students must either:
    • Be wearing school uniform, or
    • Present a valid secondary school photo ID, if requested by Metlink staff.
  • School-aged children who are not enrolled in school must present:
    • a bona fide photo ID card for home-schooled children issued by the National Council of Home Educators New Zealand (NCHENZ); or
    • an approval document from the Ministry of Education that shows the child is exempt from enrolment at a school.

If you are a Tertiary student at polytechnic, university, language academy or other similar learning institution you aren't eligible for a Child Concession but should apply for a Tertiary Concession if you meet full-time student criteria. If you are 16 or older and have left school, you don't qualify for a Child Concession.

Catching the bus

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There is a 50% discount for children travelling on buses if you have a Child Concession loaded on your Snapper card or if you pay cash. Cash will be the more expensive option.

Applying a Child Concession onto your Snapper

If you have a green Snapper card, your card already has a Child Concession applied. If you have a red Snapper card, you will need to confirm your eligibility with Snapper to apply a Child Concession to your Snapper card. This will ensure you receive the child discount when you use your Snapper card.

  • Your 16-digit Snapper card number
  • Your registered email address (for your Snapper website account)

How the Child Concession works…

  • Once eligibility is confirmed the child concession will be enabled until the card holder’s 16th birthday.  Once a cardholder turns 16, or if they were already 16 at the time of confirming eligibility, the concession will need to be renewed by 28 February each year until they leave school
  • When you tag on, the Snapper Reader on the bus will beep twice which indicates to the driver that a child fare has been charged (one beep means an adult has tagged on). The reader will also show the name of the concession on the screen, so you will see CHILD when you tag on

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Catching the train

Children are eligible for the 50% discount on train travel if they meet the conditions outlined above. Older children may be asked for identification.

Ticket options include: 

Ticket type  
Concession 10-Trip
  • Is a 50% discount on the Adult 10-Trip fare
  • Purchase Concession 10-Trips based on the number of zones your child travel
  • Needs to be clipped on each train journey
  • No further discount for travelling Off-peak
Child Rail Monthly pass
  • For travel in Zones 1 to 3 or for journeys that don't go through Wellington Station
  • Is valid from the 1st of each month
Child Monthly Plus
  • For trips that go from Zone 4 and above to Wellington Railway Station
  • Providing free bus travel between zone 4 and the outer zone specified on your ticket (but not within Zones 1 to 3 or on school buses)  - just show the driver your train pass
  • 50% of the Adult cash fare

Catching the harbour ferry

Children travel on the harbour ferry at a 50% discount.