Valid from: 19/12/2017 12:00am

Dear WRL commuters

We’re sorry our service isn’t up to standard and for the effect it is having on you, your work and your families.

The number of breakdowns in recent months is unacceptable.

The council is determined to make things better.

We are commissioning an independent investigation into recent mechanical failures. This will work with our business partners to see what the causes are and come up with ways to prevent them.

We are also offering a discount on Wairarapa fares in February in recognition of the poor service customers have been receiving. All February monthly passes and 10-trip tickets purchased in February for journeys to or from the Wairarapa will be reduced by 30%.

This discount will be applied when you purchase your February monthly pass after Tuesday 23rd January, or 10-trip ticket during February 2018 from your usual Wairarapa Metlink ticket outlets.

Some issues are longstanding and go back to the age and condition of the track. With KiwiRail, we’ve put in a $100m long term investment plan to Government to upgrade the track. This will increase the punctuality, reliability and resilience of the Wairarapa service.

We know there have been a number of failures and lengthy delays on the Wairarapa line recently, and while a minority of those can be attributed to locomotive failure, we are working with KiwiRail and TransDev to take all the steps we can to ensure the service runs as smoothly as possible. We are also investigating why the air conditioning on the Wairarapa line has been ineffective during the recent warm weather. We have an international expert in rail air conditioning systems on site now, who will be able to advise on other improvements we can make. 

Thank you for your continued patience.

Learn more about the measures that are being taken to improve the Wairarapa line.  

Questions and Answers

Q: Which tickets are discounted?
A: Wairarapa February Monthly passes and 10-trip tickets purchased in February for travel between the Wairarapa (Masterton to Featherston) and Wellington/Hutt Valley (including Maymorn) will be discounted by 30%. 

Q: When can I purchase a discounted February monthly pass?
A: Discounted February monthly tickets will be on sale from Tuesday 23rd January. 

Q: Where can I purchase a Wairarapa monthly pass or 10-trip ticket?
A: Wellington Railway station, ticket offices at the outer stations and from our ticket agents on the Wairarapa line. These ticket types cannot be purchased on-board the train OR online. Please purchase from offline locations where you would normally buy your ticket: Wellington Railway Station, Wellington Freemans Lotto and News Agency, Panache, Greytown Motors, Carterton Railway Station, Featherston Railway Station, Masterton Railway Station. 

Q: Which stations are included for the discounted travel?
A: The 30% discount applies to Monthly passes for Wairarapa services between Featherston to Masterton and Wellington to Hutt Valley stations.

Q: What happens if I have already purchased my monthly pass?
A: If you have already purchased your February Monthly pass at full price, it can be changed for a different month and you can buy a discounted February monthly ticket. Proof of purchase will be required for any change to be made, and needs to be presented to the ticket windows at Wellington Station, with a completed refund form. Refund forms are available from the Customer Service Kiosk in Wellington Station. 

Q: Can I get the discount on my March monthly pass instead?
A: No. This discount applies to February Monthly passes only as compensation for the recent poor performance of the Wairarapa Line. 

Q: Can I return my 10-trip passes or get a discount on the passes I have already purchased?
A: No. This discount only applies to February monthly passes and 10-trip tickets purchased in February 2018.

Q: How can I get information about delays or disruptions to Wairarapa services?
A: Real time information signs at stations display train departure times, and messages about major disruption. This information is also available on the Metlink website or the Metlink App. You can also follow us on Twitter or set up a My Metlink account to subscribe to email or text alerts. Sign up for updates.

Q: Why are the carriages so hot on the WRL?
A: While the air conditioning on the Wairarapa services is functioning as designed, we accept it is not proving effective in dealing with Wellington's latest heatwave, especially on busy services. We are working to improve comfort levels by trialling changes on some carriages to improve the system’s air flow and getting advice from an international expert in rail air conditioning systems on how we can make other improvements.

Q: Where can I get more information about what is being done to address the issues on the Wairarapa Line?
A: For more information and regular updates you can visit our page about Improving the Wairarapa Line 

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