Valid from: 15/07/2018 6:00am

Building the new bus hub in Brooklyn has taken longer than expected. While construction continues we will be operating from a temporary hub in the Brooklyn village.  Find out more about Bus hubs

Temporary Arrangements

From 15 July until bus hub works are complete, our temporary bus hub stops are:

  1. Stop A (#7700) located at the existing veranda at bus stop #7719 on Cleveland Street. Route 7 Services arrive at this stop from Kingston and depart to Wellington.
  2. Stop B (#7720) located on Cleveland Street near 48. Services terminate at this stop from Kowhai Park and Island Bay and depart to Kowhai Park and Island Bay. Note: the route 17e and 29e will not use this stop while in this temporary layout.
  3. Stop C (#6720) located at the existing veranda. Route 7 Services arrive at this stop from Wellington and depart to Kingston.

Please check the map below for temporary hub locations and follow any signage on site.

Metlink AmBUSsadors will be in Brooklyn for two weeks from 15 July to make sure you find the right stop for your service - keep an eye out for them if you have any questions, or call 0800 801 700.

day 1 map brooklyn update


Services Affected: