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Valid from: 23/10/2020 12:00am

There are currently speed restrictions in place on part of the Kāpiti Line. Find out more about why this is and what's going on below! 

Why the restriction? What risk is it supposedly mitigating?

KiwiRail has put a speed restriction in place on the Kāpiti Line between Pukerau Bay and Paekakariki as risk mitigation for a slip site above the rail corridor originating just below the escarpment track. This section of the railway between Pukerua Bay and Paekakariki goes through challenging terrain. Loose material has come down from the slope and is currently retained by vegetation. There is potential for the material to slide down on to the train tracks.

What is being done to fix the issue? And by when?

KiwiRail have conducted a preliminary geotechnical assessment of the site and are engaging specialist contractors to remove any loose material. We’ve engaged a contractor to install a catch fence with a remote camera and accelerometer sensors as a short-term mitigation.

This will be carried out as soon as possible and will allow the trains to run at higher speeds than current speed restrictions. Anchored mesh has been considered as a long-term fix. This will need to be designed and installed and may take several months. This will lift any speed restrictions in this section.

What is the likely impact on all the commuters who have interchange to bus services at Paraparaumu and Waikanae? What steps are being taken to reduce the impact?

The speed restriction will likely add one to three minutes to a WLG-WAIK journey depending on the time of travel.  KiwiRail have placed a spotter on site weekdays between 6am and 7pm to reduce the lost time to regular commuters.

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Services Affected: