Valid from: 18/09/2017 4:00pm

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Thanks to everyone who took the time to ask questions, come to the public meetings and send in submissions. We will let you know the date of the public hearing, likely to be early October.

The proposed changes include:

  • a general 3% increase across all fares
  • 25% off peak discount
  • 25% discount for full-time tertiary students
  • 25% discount for people with disabilities
  • 50% discount for all school children
  • Free bus connections to trains when using a rail monthly pass
  • Changes to day passes
  • Aligning ferry fares with wider fares structure
  • Discontinue return rail event tickes
  • Allocating Ngauranga Station to zone 3
  • Free bus transfers
  • Removal of 30-day bus passes

Better Metlink Fares consultation document PDF - 1.6 MB

Better Metlink Fares statement of proposal PDF - 613 KB

If you didn't make it to our public meetings we have added the presentation:

Public meeting presentation PDF - 3.1 MB

Services Affected: