Valid from: 02/07/2019 12:00am

IMG 0381A new style of digital customer information sign has been installed as a trial at Johnsonville Station. The main purpose of this sign is to inform customers at the access points of the station whether they are catching a bus or a train.

These signs incorporate a digital LED screen into a station flag sign, which can be used to display a variety of messages to customers using the station. The sign also allows space to display maps showing the location of bus replacement stops and timetable information for these bus replacements. 

For the purpose of testing the sign we are currently only using the sign to inform customers of buses replacing trains. As Johnsonville Station currently has buses replacing peak AM services due to driver shortages, it was decided that this would best allow us to gather feedback on whether the sign fulfils the purpose for which it was designed.

The Flag Pole Signs are being designed with Wellington in mind, and we’re determined to make the finished product something that really works for the Wellington region. Let us know what you think by calling our Metlink team on 0800 801 700, emailing or by completing the online form.

Services Affected: