Valid from: 01/08/2019 5:00pm

5 August Update – From Monday 5 August all peak Johnsonville train services have returned as trains. More train drivers have completed training which means we will no longer require services to be replaced by bus during either peak on the Johnsonville line.

Please note – The Real Time Information boards at station may still show ‘BUS’ next to these services, please ignore this. It can take some time to update these signs but it should be removed in a couple of weeks.

From February 2019 we saw a number of train drivers leave for various reasons which resulted in us being unable to operate our full timetable. Despite extensive planning, forecasting, recruiting, and training unfortunately we could not have foreseen this shortage. 

It takes 12 months to train new drivers in this safety critical role. Our training school is full for 2019 and we have been taking extra measures internally to juggle the roster and use certified staff wherever possible.

In the event of a disruption, some service information may be different. Visit the Service Update page or sign-up to My Metlink to receive notification of service changes.

We apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused during the last few months and appreciate your patience as we returned to a regular timetable.

Services Affected: