Valid from: 09/08/2017 12:00pm

A few months ago we asked how easy you thought the Metlink website was to use and what you would like to see added.

We have made the first lot of changes based on your feedback:

Journey Planner

We have made the Journey Planner easier to use

  • You no longer have to click on "More Options" to refine your journey. You can now select or unselect what transport mode you want to use. Just untick "Buses" if you only want to catch the train.
  • You can set when you want to travel upfront. Previously we just showed you the next three services departing from the time you searched.
  • You can still click through to "Journey Options" to set walking distances or plan your trip via another location.

Plan in the website

We have added a new feature to the top navigation. Locate lets you track your vehicle on a map and helps you get to attractions, park and rides, schools and other destinations around the greater Wellington Region by public transport:

Locate in websiteTimetable pages

In the morning timetable pages take you to the journey into Wellington. At 1:00 pm this automatically switches to take you to the journey out of Wellington when most of you are heading home from work. 

Improved accessibility

These include:

  • Making text on the website a bit bigger
  • Making links to other pages and other sites in a page darker
  • 'Breadcrumbs' have been added to the top of each page so you can work out where you are in the site and click back if you want to.
  • For visually impaired we have made the site better to use with screen reader technology

Maps are easier to use on your mobile

We have added two finger scrolling.

Printing, emailing and sharing

We have added icons to the top of each page so you can print, email, or post on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. 

There is more to come including making the site easier to use on mobile devices and an even better journey planner that gives you real time information if the service is already underway.