Valid from: 12/07/2018 6:00am

Hey Wellington city. Make sure you know before you go.The new Wellington city network is here.  As we get our new network up to speed there may be a few bumps in the road. Make sure you stay up to date with our alerts.

If you subscribe to alerts on your favourite route or have real time information set for your favourite stops through your My Metlink account you need to review these and update if your route has changed. 

To update your My Metlink account click on the My Metlink link in the top right hand corner of the screen - you will need to login if you aren't already. You will see your My Metlink account details. Scroll down to the bus section and select the new route. You can also set up your fares preference at the same time.

Metlink Commuter app update

The Metlink Commuter app will update with the new routes during Sunday, times will vary depending on when you last used it. Just make sure that the new routes are showing before you update.

To update your favourite stops and services click on the favourites star in the bottom left hand corner. Click on the services button and scroll until you find your new routes. You can select your favourite stops in the real time information screen by clicking on the favourite stop star.

These services do not change

If your favourite service is one of the following you don't need to do anything, the route numbers aren't changing - 7 Kingston, 13 Mairangi, 14 Wilton/Roseneath, 21 Karori/Wrights Hill, 28 Beacon Hill Shuttle, 52 Newlands/Woodridge/Paparangi, 56 Paparangi, 57 Woodridge and 58 Newlands.

You need to confirm what your new service is

All other routes are likely to have new route numbers. We have some tools to help you work out what your new route number is: 

This is an indicator of what your new service may be:

New Route Replaces old routes
There is no change to these routes and you don't have to reset your favourites 7 Kingston, 13 Mairangi, 14 Wilton/Roseneath, 20 Mt Victoria, 21 Karori/Wrights Hill, 28 Beacon Hill Shuttle, 52 Newlands/Woodridge/Paparangi, 56 Paparangi, 57 Woodridge and 58 Newlands
1 Johnsonville West/Churton Park/ Grenada Village - Island Bay  1 Island Bay to Wellington, 53 Johnsonville West, 54 Churton Park and 55 Grenada Village-Johnsonville-Wellington
2 Karori-Wellington-Hataitai-Seatoun  2 Miramar, 3 Karoria-Wellington-Lyall Bay , 11 Seatoun-Wellington
3 Lyall Bay/Rongotai-Kilbirnie-Newtown-Wellington Karori-Wellington-Lyall Bay, 10 Newtown-Wellington, 11 Seatoun-Wellington
12 Strathmore Park-Kilbirnie
12e Strathmore Park-Kilbirnie-Hataitai-Wellington
25 Strathmore-Wellington, 43 Strathmore Park-Wellington-Khandallah (loop service), 44 Strathmore Park-Wellington-Khandallah (loop service)
17 Kowhai Park-Brooklyn
17e Kowhai Park-Brooklyn-Wellington
8 Kowhai Park-Brooklyn

18 Miramar - Miramar shops
18e Miramar & Karoria via Universities

New local route
18 Campus Connection (Miramar-Karori)
19 Johnsonville-Churton Park-Johnsonville
19e Johnsonville-Churton Park-Johnsonville (Wellington extension)
New Route
20 Mt Victoria,  check that the new Route 20 goes passed your stop
22 Johsonville-Mairangi-Kelburn-Wellington  22 Southgate-Wellington-Mairangi, 23 Houghton Bay-Wellington-Mairangi, 47 Johnsonville-Newtown
23 Houghton Bay 
23e Houghton Bay Extension 
 21 Karori-Wellington-Vogeltown, 23 Houghton Bay-Wellington-Mairangi
24 Miramar Heights & Broadmeadows  24 Miramar Heights-Wellington, 46 Broadmeadows-Wellington, 50 Broadmeadows Shopper
25 Khandallah & Highbury  9 Aro Street-Wellington, 20 Highbury-Wellignton-Mt Victoria, 43 Strathmore Park-Wellington-Khandallah, 44 Strathmore Park-Wellington-Khandallah
26 Ngaio  45 Ngaio-Wellington
29 Southgate & Owhiro Bay
4 Happy Valley-Wellington, 22 Southgate-Wellington-Mairangi, 29 Southern Shopper
30x Scorching Bay & Moa Point Express  30 Seatoun
31x Miramar North Express  31 Miramar North Express 
32x Houghton Bay Express  4 Happy Valley-Wellington, 32 Island Bay Express 
33 Karori South  3s Karori South
34 Karori West  3w Karori West 
35 Hataitai  5 Wellington-Hataitai 
36 Lyall Bay via Hataitai 6 Lyall Bay-Wellington
37 Karori (Wrights Hill) & Brandon Street  17 Victoria University-Wellington, 21 Karori-Wellington-Vogeltown 

60 Tawa
60e Tawa Extension

210 Titahi Bay-Tawa-Johnsonville, 211 Porirua-Johnsonville-Wellington

Services Affected: