Valid from: 14/03/2019 8:30am

Ava Station is now included in the next bus replacement trial.

For a while now we’ve been running replacement bus services on evenings and weekends while upgrades to the Hutt Valley rail line go ahead, for more information on the work visit Hutt Valley traction pole – 2021 project.

While upgrades to the Hutt Valley rail line go ahead we’re running trials involving a train from Wellington to Melling with onward bus replacement services to Upper and Lower Hutt. We listened to your feedback and will now provide bus services at Ava station during the next trial. We are also looking into how we can improve the connection to regular Metlink bus services at Waterloo.

The next trial times are:

  • Sun 31 March (6:00am - midnight)
  • Mon 1 April to Wed 3 April (8:00pm - midnight)

If you travelled on these bus replaced services then please take 5 minutes to fill out this survey on your experience.

Survey link here (external link)


Why create a new plan?

- We are always looking to improve how we run our services even when they are replaced by buses. In this instance there is a lot of work to be completed on the Hutt Valley line and we want to ensure that there is a consistent timetable when buses are replacing trains.

Why am I travelling to Melling station?

- Melling is the perfect station to transfer from train to bus and bus to train as the platform is adjacent to the bus stop making it easier to get on board your bus or train connection. It also means you bypass all of the traffic around Petone which often delays our bus replaced services.

Which bus should I catch?

- If you are travelling between Woburn and Silverstream (excluding Manor Park) then the Lower Valley bus is for you. If you are travelling to Manor Park or stations between Silverstream and Upper Hutt then you will want to take the Upper Valley bus.

How do I know which bus is going where?

- There will be Upper Valley and Lower Valley signage on the buses so you can make sure you end up heading in the right direction. You can also ask the staff or driver which bus they are or where they are heading.

Will I be able to catch a service from Ava station?

- Yes, after listening to your feedback we’re reinstating buses to Ava Station as we continue to trial improvements to evening and weekend bus replacements on the Hutt Valley rail line.

How many times am I going to have to transfer?

- You should only ever need to transfer once on your journey, this would be between bus and train at Melling or between bus and bus at Melling or Silverstream if you are travelling between the Lower Valley and Upper Valley stations. We recommend transferring at Melling station instead of Silverstream to avoid long wait times.

Why do you need to have a trial?

- We understand that this is a big change to what we normally do during bus replaced services and because of this we are hoping that trials will ensure this is an improvement on the current plans. This is why we need your help in providing feedback about how the journey went for you through our survey. 

Will this cost extra?

- No, you will only need to pay the same way at the same price as you usually would.

Services Affected: