Valid from: 07/06/2018 4:30pm

From Sunday 15 July 2018, there are changes coming to your public transport network across the Wellington region. How much you pay will change, and depending on where you live, routes, timetables, bus stops and even how you pay could be changing.

We have added some features to to help you get around the Greater Wellington region.

10-Trip Ticket or Monthly pass for trains and Snapper for buses are the most cost effective fare options

From Sunday 15 July our fares are changing, including how much you pay and, for some people, how you pay. There will be a general 3% increase on fares for all Metlink bus, train and harbour ferry services, which will help to offset the cost of providing off-peak and student discounts and discounts for people with disabilities. Using your Snapper card on buses and 10-Trip Ticket or Monthly Pass on trains are the most cost effective options, especially if you can travel off-peak. You'll pay at least 25% more using cash and off-peak discounts don't apply.


If you travel by train, concessions are available by purchasing 10-Trip Tickets.


Snapper will be accepted on all Metlink buses right across the region.Wherever you catch a Metlink bus in Greater Wellington, using a Snapper card is a convenient and cheaper way to pay your bus fare – you’ll pay at least 25% more using cash. You’ll also be able to transfer free of charge (if tagging back on within 30 minutes of tagging off) and, the final fare you pay will be based on the number of zones you travel on your entire journey, even if you have to catch more than one bus. 

If you have a Mana/Newlands or Uzabus card, we will provide you with a free Snapper card  and if you want to pay in cash or use your SuperGold card you still can.

Fares are now available on the Journey Planner

You can now see the full range of fares available for your journey - whether you're a student, travelling off-peak or on your SuperGold card.

Go to the Journey Planner and enter your starting point and destination and the time you want to travel. Make sure you select a date after the 15 July to see the new fares.

The Snapper fare for buses and the 10-Trip Ticket fare for trains, and the cash fare are shown. Click on "More fares" to see all fares.

Set up your fares preference in your My Metlink account

If you have a My Metlink account you can now set up your fares preference under the Journey Planner heading e.g. Tertiary student and this will appear first every time you search. 


Find out more about changes to Metlink fares

Check what your journey looks like after 15 July

The Journey Planner will now deliver information on trips from 15 July including all the train timetables, the new Wellington city bus routes, and other bus routes and timetable changes.

Enter your regular journey and make sure you select a date after 15 July:

Journey planner 1a2

The new timetables are available by selecting your service and changing the date to after 15 July.

New Wellington city bus timetables

Timetables for the new Wellington city bus routes are now available. 

There may be some minor changes to these before we go live on 15 July so please double check your bus times before you head to the bus stop.

timetable 6

Our new Metlink lemon and lime buses, including electric double-deckers, are on their way but not all at once. If you’re catching a bus, please check the number and destination – rather than the colour of the bus. All of our lemon and lime buses can be lowered for easier access on request.

If you need more information on the new Wellington city bus routes visit:


Services Affected: