Valid from: 20/03/2017 12:00am

The Wellington Phoenix vs Newcastle Jets football match is on at Westpac Stadium on Sunday 26 March.

Metlink event tickets are available for this event. These can be purchased on the day of the game. 

Kick off is at 7:00pm and is expected to finish at 9:00pm. 

Please note bus replacements will be in operation on the Johnsonville and Hutt Valley lines on this day. Bus replacement services depart from Platform 9 and will be running to a regular Sunday scheduled timetable. 

There will be additional seating on some Kapiti Line services in the lead up to the match, as well as an additional service to get you home after the game.

Regular scheduled services will resume from 10.00pm.

Please note that additional services leaving after the event will not be running to a scheduled timetable and will depart once full after the commencement of the event.

Services Affected: