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Wellingtonians and visitors take more than 14 million passenger journeys a year on the Wellington Metro Rail Network. We want your journey on our trains to be as smooth as possible, whether it’s your first time in the greater Wellington region or you’re a seasoned traveller on the Metlink network.

Rail transport provides many benefits to the region from connecting people and businesses, taking cars and trucks off the roads and reducing carbon emissions. With most of the rail lines being used 19-20 hours a day, 365 days a year, from time to time works can cause bus replacements for passenger services.

We have a regular maintenance and renewal programme which aims to improve the reliability and resilience of the Wellington commuter network. Work on the line which requires buses to replace trains (external link) are planned in advance, with the aim of keeping disruption to commuters to a minimum.

In addition to the regular works, there are big projects planned as part of the Future Rail project which will make services more reliable and allow more people to travel on trains in the future. During this upgrade there may be some disruptions along the way. Sign up to My Metlink or see the posters at your local station for upcoming track work, project updates and buses replacing trains timetable.

You deserve a reliable network and we’re working hard to make that happen as we continue to refine and improve the network based on your feedback and our research.