From Sunday 26 January 2020, we have made some timetable and route changes. These changes are to bring you better reliability as we work through the constraint of driver shortages and lay a solid foundation for further Bus Network Review changes.

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Route 3

  • Double-decker buses have been allocated to all Route 3 trips departing Lyall Bay from 7am to 9am.
  • We have added double-decker buses to other morning and afternoon peak trips. Between 6am and 9am buses from Hungerford Road, Lyall Bay will depart every 20 minutes. To help with capacity issues, we have added an extra trip at 8.10am.
  • From 3pm to 7pm, to help manage capacity issues, we have allowed for more regular spacing of buses by adding five inbound trips and three outbound trips between Lyall Bay and Wellington Station.
  • As we match driver resources to the number of buses, buses from Kilbirnie, will depart every 8 minutes from 7am to 8am (currently every 3-10 minutes) and every 10 minutes from 8am to 9am (currently every 4-5 minutes). As a result of this we have removed nine short run trips from Kilbirnie to Wellington Station.

Route 3 timetable

Route 31x

  • Double-decker buses are allocated to four morning and three afternoon trips to add extra capacity.
  • From 6am to 9am and 4pm to 7pm buses will now depart every 20 minutes, previously these services ran every 15 minutes and will now help with reliability.

Route 31x timetable

Route 36

  • Lyall Bay buses will now run every 20 minutes from 7am to 8.20am, this now provides a better spread of service during morning peak.
  • As we match resources to the number of buses due to ongoing driver shortages,we have removed 11 inbound trips from Kilbirnie between 7am and 9am and two between 4pm and 6pm.  We are working to offset this by increasing Route 2 frequency between Kilbirnie and Lambton Quay when drivers become available. However please be aware you might not get your first choice of bus during morning and evening peak times.

Route 36 timetable

Route 2

  • There will be more regular spacing of buses throughout the day. We also have added 12 weekday trips, including five short-run trips, which are the 8.05am Lambton Quay to Kilbirnie, 8.16am from Karori to Courtenay Place, 8.22am from Karori to Courtenay Place; 5.47am Kilbirnie to Lambton Quay, 7.30am from Kilbirnie to Karori and 8.35am from Kilbirnie to Lambton Quay. Please note the 8.25am from Karori to Courtenay Place has been deleted.
  • To maintain more regular weekend services and support connections to Routes 12 and 18/18e there will be four additional trips on both Saturday and Sunday.

Route 2 timetable

Routes 33 & 34

  • Morning services will be every 30 minutes (previously every 20 minutes). This allows us to match resources with the number of buses due to driver shortages. We have changed two Route 33 and 34 trips starting on Karori Road to Route 2 trips.

Route 33 timetable

Route 34 timetable

Routes 12/12e

  • Route 12 suspended peak trips have been re-instated.
  • An adjustment to weekday timetables now provides a regular 15 minute peak and 30 minute off-peak frequency throughout the day, to best use resources we have removed four low demand Route 12 trips which were previously suspended services to provide more frequency.
  • Route 12 weekend services have been adjusted to provide a regular 30 minute timetable, including the addition of four Saturday trips and one Sunday trip to support Route 2 connections at Kilbirnie.
  • You asked, we listened. As part of your feedback from the Bus Network Review we have extended every other Route 12 bus to Newtown (Hutchison Rd) via the Hospital inter-peak Monday to Friday, to a 60 minute frequency.

Route 12 timetable

Route 12e timetable

Routes 18/18e

  • You asked, we listened. Route 18 has been extended to Kilbirnie with an additional two Route 18e trips added. Routes 18/18e will provide a regular 30 minute service between Miramar (Darlington Road) and Kilbirnie. (These routes currently operate every 10 minutes between Darlington Road and Miramar shops.)
  • Route 18/18e weekend services have been adjusted to provide a regular 30 minute timetable (every 15-minutes now), hourly in the evenings (half-hourly now), with Route 2 connections at Kilbirnie.

Route 18 timetable

Route 18e timetable

Routes 21/22

  • Route 21/22 suspended peak trips have been re-instated.
  • Route 21 weekday inter-peak services will run every 15 minutes between Courtenay Place and Victoria University (currently every 10 minutes). This will allow us to better align your services with demand. We will look to provide additional services to match capacity at lecture times when drivers become available, to meet demand for travel to the University.

Route 21 timetable

Route 22 timetable

Routes 21 & 37

  • Routes 21 & 37 have a new timetable to service the morning peak. These routes are now running a combined schedule approximately every 10 to 15 minutes.

Route 21 timetable

Route 37 timetable

Route 14

  • Suspended peak trips have been re-instated.
  • We have also provided some additional peak trips. Medium-sized buses will be used on all trips (except some school trips), which will provide extra capacity for Wilton. The change to medium sized buses has allowed us to increase the number of large buses for other routes to meet demand.

Route 14 timetable

Route 20

  • Suspended peak trips have been re-instated.
  • You asked, we listened. As a direct result of customer feedback Route 20 will provide a regular 30 minute peak service between Courtenay Place and Mt Victoria and an hourly off-peak service to Kilbirnie to improve operational efficiency. There will be no peak service between Kilbirnie and Mt Victoria Lookout between 7am to 10am.

Route 20 timetable

Routes 81/83/85x

  • Services from Courtenay Place from 4pm to 7pm have changed to better align capacity with demand and allow for improved operational efficiency. These changes include replacing six Route 81 trips with two Route 85x trips and one Route 83 trip.

Route 81 timetable

Route 83 timetable

Route 85x timetable

Route 84

  • Route 84 will provide a regular 30 minute service (currently generally every 15 minutes) through Gracefield during the afternoon peak as we match capacity to demand and improve operational efficiency. This means that we have removed five Route 84 trips from Gracefield between 3pm and 6pm.

Route 84 timetable

Routes 52, 56, 57 & 58

  • You asked. We listened. The morning peak from Newlands to the city will now have more buses. Between 8.30am and 9am there will be more regular services along Newlands Road providing more capacity resulting in less wait times for your bus. Double decker buses will service Route 52 on the 3.28pm service from the Basin Reserve, Route 56 on the 7.33am service from Johnsonville, Route 57 on the 5.12pm service from Courtenay Place and Route 58 on the 7.27am service from Baylands Drive.

Route 52 timetable

Route 56 timetable

Route 57 timetable

Route 58 timetable

  • Route 613 Karori – Thorndon Schools has been replaced with an additional Route 612 trip from Karori to Thorndon Schools.
  • Route 618 Mairangi –Thorndon Schools in the morning has been replaced with a Route 22 school extension to Thorndon Schools.
  • Route 670 Hataitai – Marsden College has been replaced with a Route 14 school extension to Marsden College.
  • Route 684 Northland – Onslow College in the afternoon has been replaced with a Route 22 school extension.
  • Route 707 Wellington Station – Basin Schools has been removed due to low boardings. This service was also a duplicate of Route 1.
  • Route 714 Strathmore Park – Rongotai College – Basin Schools in the morning has been replaced with a Route 12 school extension to Wellington East Girls’ College.
  • Route 715 Lyall Bay – Basin Schools bus trip has been removed: this was previously a suspended service.
  • Route 737 Karori – Wellington College & Wellington High School has an additional bus from Karori Park via Kelburn to the Basin Reserve, which allows us to match capacity to demand.
  • Route 741 Karori – Basin Schools will start at Allington Road.
  • Route 752 Wellington Station – St Patrick’s College has been replaced with an additional Route 751 trip.
  • Routes 765 / 791 Karori – Rongotai College have been merged with a revised Route 791 for Karori - Scots College.
  • Route 768 Mairangi – Wellington, St Patrick's & Rongotai Colleges, a bus trip has been removed which was previously a suspended service.
  • Route 780 Strathmore Park, due to no recorded passenger boardings during Term 1 2019, the Broadway portion of this route has been removed. The route has been changed to depart from Strathmore Park.
  • Routes 783 / 784 Wellington Station – Scots College morning services have been merged as Route 784 which now departs from 7.52am.
  • Route 790 Wrights Hill – Scots College has been replaced with a Route 21 school extension.

School route timetables