Employment Relations Act Amendments - Bus driver breaks

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Let’s Get Wellington Moving and City Streets (formerly Bus Priority Action Plan)

Employment Relations Act Amendments

Metlink, unions and operators are working together to provide 10 minute breaks as required under legislation, to support drivers' health and well-being. Healthy drivers will be less fatigued, resulting in safer driving practices. The 10 minute breaks for drivers will come into effect from 6 May 2020. 

Why is this important?

  • These breaks are required under legislation
  • Drivers are required to take these breaks even though they may have an impact on your bus services
  • These breaks will provide a safer environment for you, our customers

How will this affect my network?

As we move to improving conditions for drivers with these breaks, there may be some disruption to services. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and will continue to update you on our website.

bus with earsBus Network Review Action Plan

The Bus Network Review (BNR) ran from July to September 2019 and has been very generously supported by bus customers. Thank you to everyone who has contributed. The constructive feedback detailing what works and what doesn’t has been used to inform a set of network recommendations that will be phased in over three years. 

Metlink has listened. We have developed a package of recommended network improvements, and laid out a time-lined action plan (below) to deliver and/or consider the recommended developments and improvements. 

Wellington City Bus Network Action Plan - Summary PDF - 1.4 MB

Find out more about the Bus Network Review.

Let's Get Wellington Moving and City Streets