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In July 2018 we made some major changes to the Wellington regional bus transport network. This involved creating a more efficient network design (routes, bus stops and timetables), high-frequency routes and more services, more effective transfers and some improved off-peak services (especially at weekends).

As with any project of this size, it’s usual to review outcomes to check how we did, what we learned and what still needs to happen. A post implementation review was commissioned and undertaken by L.E.K Consulting Australia in December 2018. This review recommended a number of changes and a team was brought together to work on implementing the next steps. By far the largest part of this programme is a review of the bus network design - to look at what works well, and what changes may need to be made.

Since then we have gone back to the community to ask their views. We asked bus customers what could be improved and have engaged with interested customers across the region through a range of activities including focus groups, public drop-in workshops, online surveys and telephone surveys.

The Wellington City Bus Network Review ran from July to September 2019 and was generously supported by bus customers. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

The constructive feedback given for the Wellington City bus network has been used to inform a set of network recommendations that will be phased in over three years. Metlink has listened, developed a package of recommended network improvements, and laid out a time-lined action plan to deliver and/or consider the recommended developments and improvements.

The Rest of Region Bus Network Review ran from March- May 2020. This was during the nation-wide Covid-19 response, so thank you to everyone who contributed during this time.

We connected with the rest of the Greater Wellington region from March through until May 2020. This included Porirua, Tawa, Hutt Valley, Kāpiti Coast and the Wairarapa. The feedback we have received has informed a set of recommendations for each of these areas. The reports for this are now available below, 

Bus review reports and releases - Rest of Region

Read the Bus Network Review Rest of Region In-depth Interviews PDF - 218 KB

Read the Bus Network Review Rest of Region Survey Insights PDF - 1.6 MB

Read the Bus Network Review Rest of Region research executive summary PDF - 184 KB

Read the Bus Network Review Rest of Region driver insights and customer complaints PDF - 917 KB

Read the Metlink BNR Recommendations and Action Plan Summary

Read the GW Regional Council paper Dec 2019

Read the Metlink BNR Recommendations Report

Read the Metlink Wellington City Bus Network Action Plan

Read the BNR Report media release

Research company, Research First, worked with us to run the in-person drop-in workshops, focus groups and charrettes (large focus groups) across the city. In addition, we ran two on-line feedback surveys to gather customer insights to inform the development of the review recommendations and associated action plan.

Read the Research First Summary Report

Read the Research First Detail report

Read the Online Feedback Survey Eastern suburbs - detail

Read the Online Feedback Survey Whole of city - detail

These reports were tabled with the Greater Wellington Regional Council Sustainable Transport Committee (STC) in September 2019.

Read the Research First Eastern Suburbs September 2019 Summary Report

Read the STC September 2019 Update Report (click on STC agenda item 9 to view)

Read the Eastern suburbs update media release

In 2018 after the July 2018 changes, L.E.K. Consulting (L.E.K.) was engaged to undertake an independent review of the implementation of the Wellington City and Hutt Valley bus networks to determine the effectiveness in delivering:

  • The objectives of the Wellington Regional Public Transport Plan
  • Levels of service that meet the needs of Wellington City and Hutt Valley communities

Read the LEK Consulting Australia Pty Ltd Post Implementation Review

Read the LEK media release