A new bus network for Wellington city

From Sunday 15 July 2018, Wellington city will have a more connected bus network with new routes and timetables, giving you more choice about when and where to travel.

Why are we making these changes?

The last time Wellington city’s bus network was fully reviewed was more than 20 years ago. Today, residents and visitors make 38 million journeys a year on Metlink buses, trains and ferries. In just six years, we estimate that this number will be around 42 million.

To keep us all connected, we need a bus network that is connected, simple and accessible, carrying more of you to more places, every day of the week.

We’re proud to say that our new network is based on customer feedback, and what we’ve learned from other cities in New Zealand and overseas.

From Sunday 15 July, Wellington city’s new bus network will provide:

More choice about when to travel

  • 15 per cent more services on weekdays
  • 45 per cent more services at weekends
  • more regular off-peak services for 26 suburbs
  • new evening and weekend services for 12 suburbs

Services tailored to your suburb

  • more buses for growth areas and under-serviced suburbs
  • the right size buses to match demand – from small buses to double-deckers
  • more space on buses, including double-deckers, on busy routes

Snapper – one way to pay for all Metlink buses

  • Snapper accepted on all Metlink buses across the region
  • transfers between Metlink buses at no extra cost (within 30 minutes of tagging off, the final fare you pay will be based on the number of zones you travel on your entire journey, even if you have to catch more than one bus), when using Snapper

More destinations within easy reach

  • a new, simpler network of routes
  • new feeder buses from outer suburbs to main routes
  • buses timed to connect with other buses
  • transfers at new or upgraded bus hubs
  • most of you will still be able to take one bus into the central city at peak times

More buses arriving on time

  • incentives for bus operators to be more punctual
  • fewer buses through the city will mean less congestion along the Golden Mile
  • new routes will minimise delays caused by city traffic


Simpler fares so it’s easy to know what to pay

From Sunday 15 July 2018, we’re making our fares simpler and more affordable for eligible students, people with disabilities, and adults travelling during the off-peak periods. We’ll have more information on the new Metlink fares in June.

single decker sml

The look of your bus will change – Metlink is embracing lime and yellow!

We won’t be getting all the new buses at once so please bear with us with our assorted buses for the next wee while.

If you’re catching a bus, please check the number and destination – rather than the colour of the bus.

Improving our rail services

From Sunday 15 July, there will be a new rail timetable with increased off-peak services. This means that our bus and rail services will be better connected to help you get around more easily.

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