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Here’s what's changing for Wellington city and its suburbs from Sunday 15 July 2018:

A new bus network for Wellington city

From Sunday 15 July 2018, Wellington city will have a more connected bus network with new routes and timetables, giving you more choice about when and where to travel. Learn more about the changes. You can also sign up to receive information about the changes relevant to your area.

Plan your journey:

Metlink buses in North Wellington will accept Snapper

Already used in most of Wellington city, buses in North Wellington will start accepting Snapper payment cards from Sunday 15 July 2018.

Using a Snapper card to pay your bus fare is more convenient and much cheaper than cash – you’ll pay at least 25% more using cash than with a Snapper card. However, if you prefer, you will still be able to pay your bus fare with cash.

If you already have a Snapper card then you will be able to use it on Metlink buses in North Wellington from Sunday 15 July 2018.


You can transfer between Metlink buses at no extra cost with your Snapper card

From Sunday 15 July, there will be no extra cost to transfer between Metlink buses (within 30 minutes of tagging off, the final fare you pay will be based on the number of zones you travel on your entire journey, even if you have to catch more than one bus) when you use Snapper to pay. You’ll have to use Snapper (not cash) to be able to do so.

Snapper is replacing all other electronic payment cards

Snapper cards will replace Mana/Newlands payment cards for bus travel from Sunday 15 July 2018.

How to swap your Mana/Newlands card for a Snapper card

If you currently use a Mana/Newlands card, we’ll replace your existing card with a Snapper card for free. Please don’t worry, we’ll have more information on how to swap to Snapper closer to the time.

Unfortunately, we are not able to transfer any remaining balance from your Mana/Newlands card onto your new Snapper card. Refunds for any remaining card balances will be available from Mana Newlands Coach Services, but you may want to run down the credit on your current card before you swap over to Snapper on Sunday 15 July 2018.


Wellington City bus network maps:

mid 2018 route map web

Geographical bus route map

View the Wellington City bus route map (geographical)

mid 2018 schematic map web

Schematic bus route map

View the Wellington City bus route map (schematic)

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