Changes from Sunday 15 July 2018:

From Sunday 15 July 2018, we’ve got some further changes to public transport in the Wairarapa.

Snapper your way around the region

You’ve already made the switch to using Snapper on Metlink buses in the Wairarapa, and from Sunday 15 July 2018 you can use Snapper on all Metlink buses in the Wellington region. However, if you want to pay in cash or use your SuperGold card you still can.

Using a Snapper card is a convenient and cheaper way to pay your bus fare – you’ll pay at least 25% more using cash. You can buy a Snapper card for RRP $10 from a Snapper retailer or online by visiting the Snapper website (external link) .

Transfer at no extra cost between all Metlink buses with Snapper

You can already transfer at no extra cost between Metlink buses in the Wairarapa. Well, from Sunday 15 July 2018, you'll be able to transfer at no extra cost between all Metlink buses (within 30 minutes of tagging off, the final fare you pay will be based on the number of zones you travel on your entire journey, even if you have to catch more than one bus) anywhere in the Wellington region. You’ll have to use Snapper to pay, not cash.

This new type of transfer using a Snapper card will only be available on Metlink services and excludes Metlink after-midnight services.

There are no other changes to the way you use Snapper and if you’ve already got a Snapper card, you’re sorted. Read more about Snapper for all Metlink buses.

Changes to Metlink fares

Simpler, more affordable fares are coming for full time tertiary students, people with disabilities and adults travelling off-peak. We haven’t increased fares for over five years, so we will be applying a general 3% increase to all Metlink fares. Read more about fares here

Changes to bus services

From Sunday 15 July 2018, there will be some minor changes to bus services in the Wairarapa:

Route number & name Description of change to bus services from Sunday 15 July 2018
200 (Martinborough, Featherston and Masterton) We’re introducing a new Sunday bus service for the route 200 which will run between Martinborough, Featherston and Masterton.
204 Saturday service (Greytown – Woodside)

The route 204 will be discontinued on Saturdays, but there is no change to the weekday service for route 204.

For customers wishing to connect by bus to/from the train on Saturdays, you will need to catch the route 200 between Greytown and Featherston Station (instead of Woodside Station). 
205 (Martinborough – Featherston)  The 205 bus service will be renumbered to the route 200 bus service.
Minor changes to 200 and 204 bus timetables We’re making minor changes to the route 204 and 200 bus timetables for connections with the new train timetable from Sunday 15 July 2018

Download the new timetables. PDF - 1.5 MB

Changes to rail services

Wairarapa Line (WRL)  From Sunday 15 July 2018, there will also be minor changes to the Wairarapa Line (WRL) rail timetable and connecting bus times for routes 200 and 204 will be changed with the new rail timetable PDF - 1.5 MB:

  • 10.44am train from Masterton to Wellington will leave 14 minutes earlier, departing at 10.30am
  • 12.55pm service from Wellington will leave 10 minutes earlier, departing at 12.45pm

A better public transport network for the Wellington region

These changes are part of improvements to public transport across the region, including introducing Snapper for all Metlink buses, planet-friendly buses, simpler fares with new discounts and a new bus network for Wellington city.

Getting around Wairarapa on your SuperGold card

If you have a SuperGold card, you still get to hop on the bus or train and get around Wairarapa just as you do now for free between 9.00am and 3.00pm and after 6.30pm weekdays, and all day weekends and public holidays. If you travel during peak periods you will still need to pay the adult fare.

Find out more about travelling on your SuperGold card.

Changes made on Monday 30 April 2018:

On Monday 30 April 2018, you made the switch to using Snapper cards on Metlink buses, new Metlink lemon and lime buses arrived and there were a few changes to timetables.

If you switched from Tranzit to Snapper

If you switched from your Tranzit card and picked up a free replacement Snapper, then we hope you're all sorted. If you are a school student, read more about changes to the way you pay for travel to school.

If you have any questions about using your Snapper card or have forgotten to tag off, please visit the Snapper website (external link) , email or call 0800 555 345. For anything else you can contact us.

Snapper retailers in the Wairarapa

Town Snapper Retailer
  • Copper Kettle Lotto and Superette 246 Queen Street
  • St James Dairy 103 High Street
  • Hospital Food Market 29 Te Ore Ore Road
  • Westend Super Store 114 Pownall Street
  • East Side Super Store 92 Colombo Road
  • Colombo General Store 171 Colombo Road
  • Kuripuni Service Station Chapel Street
  • Mobil (Faulknors) Service Station cnr Te Ore Ore Road and Opaki Road 
  • Tranzit Travel Centre 316 Queen Street
  • Solway Super Store 209 High Street, Solway 
  • The North End Dairy 241 High Street North
  • The Right Dairy 299 High Street
  • High Street Dairy Carterton 216 High Street South
  • Mobil Petrol Station, 191-201 High Street
  • Greytown Superette 146a Main Street
  • Kia Ora Dairy 25A Fitzherbert Street
  • BP Petrol Station 13-17 Kitchener Street

Changes to Metlink bus services in the Wairarapa from Monday 30 April 

As we do the work necessary to bring an upgraded, more connected public transport network to the Wellington region, there will be the odd change such as this interim timetable for Metlink buses in the Wairarapa between 30 April and 14 July 2018. What this means is that a new, permanent timetable will be in operation from 15 July 2018.

 Download the interim bus and train timetables
PDF - 1 MB

Introducing a new generation of lemon and lime, planet-friendly buses

Our brand new Metlink lemon and lime buses arrived in the Wairarapa in April, they are all air-conditioned and can be lowered for easier access if you need it.

Attention all cyclists

We’re introducing bike racks on our new Metlink bus fleet and by 2019 all Metlink buses will carry bike racks. Please note each bus is only able to safely store two bikes per bus, so it’s on a first in, first served basis. For more information check out our bike racks on buses.