Simpler and fairer fares are here

On Sunday 15 July how much you pay and the ticket type you use for Metlink buses, trains and harbour ferries changed.

What has changed?


We have introduced a range of discounts on Metlink fares:

  • 25% discount for adults travelling at off-peak times on Metlink buses and trains
  • 50% discount for all school students
  • 25% discount for full-time tertiary students and 50% discount for people with disabilities at all times – you need sign up to receive these discounts

You’ll need to use a Snapper if you use Metlink buses or a buy a 10-trip ticket for Metlink trains to get these discounts.

Fare increase

  • The 3% fare increase to Metlink fares will help us to offset the cost of other fare changes, including new discounts

Zone changes

  • Porirua (Zone 5) – Titahi Bay Bay, Waitangirua, Ascot Park and most of Papakowhai have moved into zone 5 meaning you are one step closer to Wellington city – it costs you less to get into town and to Porirua Station to hop on the train. There are winners and losers – school children travelling from Whitby to schools in Porirua East and Aotea need to pay for an extra zone
  • Ngauranga Station has moved into zone 3. This aligns it to nearby bus stops which are already in Zone 3

New ticket types for trains and Snapper accepted on all Metlink buses

There are a range of new options to replace some of the previous tickets and passes.

  • Snapper is now accepted on Metlink buses right across the Wellington region. What’s more, you can use Snapper to transfer between Metlink buses at no extra cost, so the total fare you pay will be for the number of zones you travel on your entire journey – even if you have to catch more than one bus
  • Snapper on buses and 10-trip tickets on Metlink trains and harbour ferries are a better way to pay for your travel, because you’ll pay at least 25% more using cash
  • You can also choose from new zone-based passes for rail, which allow you to travel on any train line. If you commute into Wellington city, the new Metlink MonthlyPlus also includes bus travel outside zone 3

 SuperGold card 

supergoldYou travel for free with your SuperGold card during off-peak hours:

  • 9am-3pm and after 6:30pm weekdays
  • All day weekends and public holidays

During peak hours you will need to pay the full adult fare. If you are travelling by train a 10-Trip ticket is the most cost-effective option or Snapper on Metlink buses.

Transfers for selected SuperGold card journeys in Wellington city

Public transport in the Wellington region has gone through significant change and travel conditions for Gold Card customers will be preserved to ensure that Gold Card holders are not disadvantaged as a result of the changes.

As part of the changes, about 5% of all journeys in Wellington city will require customers to transfer to another bus to complete their journey. This means that Gold Card customers travelling in the afternoon may need to break up their off-peak journey to transfer to another bus in the afternoon peak (after 3pm). To preserve current conditions for Gold Card customers in these cases, they will be able to continue their off-peak journey for free if they transfer to a second Metlink bus between 3pm and 3.30pm in Wellington city. 

To get the free transfer, all you need to do is tell the driver that you have transferred from a previous off-peak service, and get on – it’s that simple.

These Gold Card transfer provisions apply to Metlink bus services in Wellington city. They do not apply on Metlink trains or ferries, the 91 Airport Flyer service, or Metlink bus services outside Wellington city as the changes do not impact conditions for Gold Card holders in these cases.

SuperGold is a New Zealand government initiative for over 65s. Find out more about SuperGold (external link) .

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Download a printer-friendly version of our guide to our big public transport changes in the Wellington Region. PDF - 2.3 MB