We have made some changes to Porirua Station Park and Ride

Stage 3 works at the Porirua Park and Ride are almost complete. These works follow Stage 1 and 2 which have provided an additional 172 carparks to cater for the capacity of commuters using our Metlink public transport.

As part of these works we have made changes to the layout of the Park and Ride. As the map below shows,  there are:

  • 8 new carpool spaces, reserved for anyone with two or more people arriving at the station carpark
  • 5 new mobility parking spaces
  • 2 new areas for motorcycle parking
  • 2 new parent parking spaces, reserved for those who are pregnant or travelling with infants
  • Some areas that are one way only, please follow all signs and roadmaking.

Porirua New Layout2

View full station map. PNG - 3.4 MB

For those who want to leave their car at home, you can now travel to and from Porirua Station by bus at no extra cost using the new Metlink MonthlyPlus Pass.

Please remember to park considerately and follow the terms and conditions of our Park & Ride facilities

We appreciate your patience whilst we finish these works and are expecting them to be complete by the end of July 2019.

If you have any questions please call our Metlink team on 0800 801 700 or email info@metlink.org.nz.