What's a "bus hub"?

Metlink bus hubs are a collection of bus stops located close together that connect buses from outer suburbs with main routes. You can expect the bus hubs to be sheltered, well-lit spaces, making transferring between buses a bit more comfortable for you.

While most of us travelling to and from the CBD during peak times don’t need to transfer between buses to get to where we need to go, some of us will need to transfer during off-peak times.

Here's a snapshot of the Brooklyn bus hub:


Major work in progress

The majority of our bus hubs are now fully operational, with only a small handful of stops still requiring work. At these stops we will do our best to minimise disruption, but there will be a need for temporary arrangements as we complete the last of the hubs – thank you for your patience.

For information on a specific bus hub please read the hub summaries below. While hubs are under construction there will be signage directing you to the correct stops or temporary stops.

Safety Fence Construction

Construction is underway on a new safety fence on Evans Bay Parade at the Kilbirnie bus hub. This will mean that bus services travelling through Kilbirnie bus hub will experience delays and your bus stop may be temporarily relocated. 

Why are we doing this?

This new safety fence is being constructed to help keep people safe as they cross the road.

Why are we doing this now?

This work wasn’t able to be done during the construction of the bus hub because there are a number of major strategic cables and underground services directly under where we need to build the fence.

Due to the complexities with the underground services, the project was delayed while we worked with engineers on the fence design.

Is this work related to the cycleway construction?

Yes. This work has been co-ordinated with the Wellington City Council cycleway construction, so that they are occurring at a similar time. This is to shorten the period of disruption to Kilbirnie residents due to the large amounts of roadworks in the area over the last 12 months.

Kilbirnie Hub Layout – Temporary Layout

The Kilbirnie bus hub is located on Evans Bay Parade, between Kilbirnie Crescent and Rongotai Road.

During the construction of the safety fence Stop A will be temporarily relocated to outside 631 Evans Bay Parade from 17 June.

  • Stop A (#6224) – buses to Lyall Bay, Rongotai, Strathmore Park, Miramar, Seatoun and Wellington International Airport

The locations of Stops B and C are not affected by the construction of the safety fence.

  • Stop B (#7224) – buses to Wellington Station, Karori and Wilton, via Hataitai
  • Stop C (#7026) – buses to Wellington Station and Karori, via Newtown

Construction of a sheltered walkway from Stop C to Bay Road is planned to begin in mid-July and is expected to take up to two months to complete.

We are aware of the disruption that these works create for road users, pedestrians and nearby residents and businesses. We apologise for the inconvenience that this will cause and will ensure our contractors take all possible steps to minimise this disruption. The work is necessary to ensure the safety and comfort of users of the site, so we reply on your patience while we deliver improvements that will serve Kilbirnie for years to come.

Please ensure you use the controlled pedestrian crossings when crossing Evans Bay Parade.

For further information call us on 0800 801 700.

kilbirnie map safety fence generic2

  • Stop A (#5500) – buses via Courtenay Place
  • Stop B (#6000) – buses via Willis Street or Taranaki Street
  • Stop C (#6001) – buses via Victoria University and express buses
  • Stop D (#5016) – buses to the northern suburbs, Porirua and Eastbourne

Wellington Station Full interchange Updated 25 Jan 2020

The Brooklyn bus hub is located on Cleveland Street near the Brooklyn Library. The hub is fully operational.

  • Stop A (#7700) – buses to Wellington Station
  • Stop B (#7720) – buses to Kowhai Park and Owhiro Bay
  • Stop C (#6720) – buses to Kingston

new map brooklyn

The Miramar Shops bus hub is located on Miramar Avenue, near Stone Street. The hub is fully operational.

  • Stop A (#7083) – buses to Wellington Station
  • Stop B (#6081) – buses to Miramar, Seatoun, Strathmore Park and Johnsonville

day 1 map miramar

The Wellington Hospital bus hub is located on Riddiford Street, outside the Wellington Regional Hospital. The hub is fully operational.

  • Stop A (#6055) – buses to Lyall Bay, Island Bay and Miramar.
  • Stop B (#7017) – buses to Wellington Station, Karori, Kingston and Johnsonville
  • Stop C (#6017) – buses to Brooklyn, Houghton Bay and Wellington Zoo

hospital map Feb 2019


The Johnsonville bus hub is located on Moorefield Road, near Johnsonville Railway Station. Two of the three bus stops are now fully operational.

  • Stop A (#3000) – buses to Johnsonville West, Churton Park, Grenada Village, Newlands and Porirua. Stop A is temporarily located in the Johnsonville Mall car park, adjacent to Johnsonville Railway Station. Works on the permanent bus stop, on Moorefield Road adjacent to the new Johnsonville Library, will commence in mid-2019
  • Stop B (#3081) – buses to Wellington Station. This bus stop is fully operational
  • Stop C (#3250) – drop off only and school buses. This bus stop is fully operational

Jville map w library added

The Karori Tunnel bus hub is located on Glenmore Street on the city side of the Karori Tunnel. Stop B is now fully operational.

  • Stop A (#4319) – buses to Wellington Station, Brandon Street, Courtenay Place, Miramar and Seatoun. Construction at Stop A is planned to commence mid-2019.
  • Stop B (#5319) – buses to Karori, Wrights Hill, Mairangi and Johnsonville. This bus stop is fully operational.


The Courtenay Place bus hub is located on Courtenay Place near the intersection of  Blair Street.

  • Stop A (#5000) – buses to Wellington Station, northern and western suburbs, Eastbourne and Lower Hutt.
  • Stop C (#5516) – buses to eastern and southern suburbs.

courtenay map Feb 2019


How have we talked to our communities about the new bus hubs?

We received a large amount of feedback on our overall bus network, including different options for the new bus hub locations. About 400 submissions were received, and there were also about 7,500 views of the webpage detailing the options for relocation. We appreciate that while we cannot satisfy everyone, we took our time weighing up the options and the final decisions on the bus hub locations were chosen based on the current and future needs of each community. Follow the links to find out in more detail on how we talked to the Johnsonville and Kilbirnie communities.