Want to know all about the new buses?

We’re always conscious about the environmental health of our region. We’re bringing in lots of shiny new buses across the network – even 100% electric double-deckers for Wellington city – and are aspiring to have a 100% electric fleet. These bring with them lower emissions which means by July 2018, harmful emissions across the region’s buses will be around 68% lower than they were in July 2017! And as we continue to phase in newer and better buses, by early 2019 harmful emissions across the region’s bus fleet will be an estimated 76% lower than in July 2017 and 80% of our bus fleet will be new.

Like all of us who live here, we have an eclectic mix of streets, so we’re also right-sizing the fleet, making sure we have the right size bus to get you where you need to be – from small buses to double-deckers. Here at Metlink, we are happy to admit we are total bus and train spotters and can’t wait to share the experience with you.

A planet-friendly busMetlink is embracing lime and yellow!

Public transport, along with coffee and craft beer, is what brings our region to life. That’s why Metlink is distinctive, colourful and vibrant – just like our region.

We also wanted to make sure our buses stand out so that they are easily seen to help keep people safe – so from March you’ll see our new colours on new low-emission buses – bright lime and yellow (perfect for foggy days).

We can appreciate that lime and yellow is not everybody’s cup of tea but keeping people safe is our number one priority. We hope you will grow to love them as much as your Grandma’s lime and lemon tree in the back garden.

We won’t be getting all the new buses at once so please bear with us and our assorted buses for the next wee while.

If you’re catching a bus, please check the number and destination rather than the colour of the bus.

Taking advantage of New Zealand’s renewable energy – wind and water

We’re so excited about the ten 100% electric double-decker buses arriving in Wellington city. You won’t be able to miss them. They will have an even lower environmental impact than a regular bus and can carry more of our customers. They are the start of our commitment to an all electric bus fleet.