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From Kāpiti to Karori, Miramar to Masterton and everywhere in between, thousands of people rely on public transport to get them around the beautiful region we call home.

Between 30 April and 15 July we made some big changes to the public transport network in the Wellington region so you can remain connected to the people, places and events you love. Right now we make 38 million journeys a year on Metlink buses, trains and ferries, but we estimate that in just six years the number will rise to around 42 million.

As one of the biggest users of public transport in Australasia, we need a network that can carry more people to more places, every day of the week. 

Your guide to our big public transport changes

From Kāpiti to Karori, Miramar to Masterton and everywhere in between, thousands of people rely on public transport to get them around the beautiful region we call home.

This handy guide provides an overview of the changes we made
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In a nutshell

As part of this upgrade, we have rejigged our timetables across the region so that connecting between Metlink buses, trains and ferries works better for more of us. Wellington city has a new network, with changes to bus routes, stops and frequency of services so we can carry more people, more often. We’re working closely with schools to make sure our kids can get from A to B and back again.

We've also brought in lots of shiny new buses across the network – even 100% electric double-deckers for Wellington city – and are aspiring to have a 100% electric fleet. These bring with them lower-emissions which means by July 2018, harmful emissions across the region’s bus fleet will be around 68% lower than they were in July 2017!

As Metlink customers, you’ll appreciate the convenience of being able to use the same electronic payment method on any Metlink bus throughout the Greater Wellington region. Snapper is convenient and cheaper – you’ll pay at least 25% more using cash. Tagging on and off the bus is quick and easy, and it’s safer than cash for you and our drivers.

We’ve also made our fares simpler and fairer with discounts for students, people with disabilities, and adults travelling during the off-peak periods. At the end of the day, it’s about ensuring public transport is accessible to all of us. Find out more about the new tickets and fares.

We've applied a 3% fare increase to all Metlink fares from mid-July 2018. This will really help us to offset the cost of other fare changes, including new discounts, and to ensure all of us that use public transport contribute to the share of the cost.

Jump to the important stuff:

Here’s what we’re doing to make the changes as pain-free as possible

We also need to be realistic – these changes will take a while to bed down and there may be a few bumps in the road. They’re big and bold changes that we need to make for the Greater Wellington region’s future economy and, most important of all, for those of us who live in and explore it.

For some of us, some changes may take a bit of getting used to. We will be doing our best every day to make things better but we ask you to please bear with us.

Stay in the know

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If you already use our online tools remember to update your favourite services and stops as these may have changed. 


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