Valid from: 08/06/2018 3:00pm

The Greater Wellington Regional Council is introducing terms and conditions to Park & Ride carparks in an effort to bring these facilities under control.

The terms and conditions have been introduced to enable the council to clamp or remove vehicles breaching the rules at the cost of the owner (up to $350).  However, an educational period will be undertaken, issuing all offending vehicles with warning notices first, unless the vehicle is parked dangerously or blocking other users.

"Inappropriate parking is on the increase in our park and rides and this is causing headaches for other commuters," says Greater Wellington Chair of the Sustainable Transport Committee Barbara Donaldson.

"We don’t want to remove or clamp vehicles, we would rather they parked considerately in the first place.

"The warning system of issuing a ticket with no consequences is the best way to get this behaviour change. However, if people are grossly inconsiderate of others, or ignore the warning and continue to park in such a manner we will be forced to escalate to clamping or towing."

The council will be erecting signs at park and ride locations and running an awareness campaign alerting users to the changes.

Under the Terms and Conditions use of Park & Ride carparks will be strictly restricted to people using Metlink bus or rail services on the day of parking to help reduce demand on the carparks. The Metlink MonthlyPlus Pass is a paper based ticket that will allow you to travel on trains to and from Wellington Station plus on any bus within zone 4 and the outer zone specified on the ticket. This pass is different from the rail Monthly Pass, which does not include bus travel. There is no MonthlyPlus Pass for travel on buses within zones 1 to 3.

"We hope these changes will help ease the demand on our park and ride services and ensure a more comfortable end-to-end journey for all our passengers," says Cr Donaldson.

For more information on the terms and conditions visit and search “Park & Ride”.

Posted on 8 June 2018