Valid from: 21/03/2014 4:00pm

Due to customer requests and pressure on the cycle rack at Porirua station we have recently installed individual cycle lockers at 3 stations and a cycle cage at Porirua station.

Cycle lockers are now available at Porirua, Waikanae and Silverstream stations.  Cycle locker
Each cycle locker can accommodate a cycle and associated equipment (helmet etc.) and are individual locked.
The lockers are welded steel plate and very robust.
The new lockers at the above locations are also covered by CCTV cameras for extra security.

A cycle locker or a cycle cage space(Porirua only) can be rented for $100 per year (that's less than $2 per week).
Please note a $50 returnable deposit is required for the locker/cage key.

Email:  to apply for a locker/cage space.

Posted on 21 March 2014