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Valid from: 29/05/2020 12:00am

Metlink drivers across the Wellington Region have donned Samoan shirts as they drive around the region in celebration of Samoa Language Week.

Greater Wellington Regional Council Transport Chair Roger Blakeley says, “In recognising Samoa Language Week our Metlink drivers bring vibrancy, friendliness and good humour to our network. It’s a great way to celebrate our diverse community and bring a bit of joy to the Wellington Region, since the events of the past few months."

The initiative couldn’t be more fitting with this year’s theme 'Tapena sou ōso mo lau malaga' ('Prepare yourself a gift for your travels'), urging us to prepare for the journey ahead.

Greater Wellington Councillor Ken Laban says, “Greater Wellington is a culturally and linguistically diverse region. Samoa Language Week is a celebration of language, culture and identity and an opportunity for us to keep the language and identity alive for future generations.

“It’s just one way that we can invite you, friends and colleagues to celebrate the language and Samoan identity.”

It’s not the first time Metlink drivers have rallied to celebrate Samoan culture. Last year drivers, alongside operations and support staff, wore colourful shirts or lavalavas to work to raise funds for the Measles epidemic in Samoa.

“It’s just one of the many examples of our drivers and staff contributing to our colourful and diverse region,” says Councillor Laban.

If you would like to learn more about Samoa Language Week, visit https://www.mpp.govt.nz/what-we-do/pacific-language-weeks/samoa-language-week/ (external link) for more information. 

Posted on 29 May 2020