Getting to the Airport - Airport Express

The Airport Express (AX) service travels between the Wellington Airport and Wellington Railway Station.

What is the Airport Express (AX)?

This premium service is provided by Metlink and operated by our partner Mana Newlands Coaches by Transdev.

The AX is an integral part of the Metlink network, connecting the airport with the wider Wellington Region.

The low cost, environmentally conscious service is primarily targeted at travellers to and from the airport and people working in and around the airport. It may also be made available to pick up commuters on-route if capacity allows.

Where does the AX service go?

Route to the Airport: Wellington Station - Lambton Quay - Willis St - Manners St - Courtenay Pl - Kilbirnie - Airport

The route will run between Wellington Station, along Lambton Quay and through Kilbirnie to Wellington Airport

How often will the service run?

The AX runs 7 days a week with a timetable designed around airport departure and arrival times and services from Wellington Railway Station.

View the AX timetable(external link)

Nine new purpose-built electric buses will run a high frequency of approximately 10-20 minutes depending on the time of day, except for the first few morning services and evening services.

Travel time between the railway station and the airport is around 25-35 minutes, depending on traffic

Paying for your journey

Pay on board with a Snapper card, cash, or contactless debit or credit card. Metlink Explorer Day Passes and Snapper 30 Day passes cannot be used on the Airport Express. 

As per the government's half price fares initiative, a 50% discount applies to fares on the Airport Express until 31 January 2023.

Fare pricing

This service is cost competitive with rideshare services, taxis and shuttles.

Paying by Snapper Card will cost $7.51 per person.

Paying by cash or contactless payment $9.50 per person.

When using Snapper to pay for your journey, any concessions loaded on your Snapper card will apply.

View full AX fare information

SuperGold card and Veteran card holders

SuperGold card and Veteran card holders travel for free during off-peak (weekdays 9am – 3pm and after 6.30pm, weekends and public holidays)

Onboard features

Free Wi-Fi and USB charging will be available to passengers on the AX.

Where do you catch the AX?

At Wellington Station the AX departs and arrives at Stop A, which is only a short walk under cover to Wellington Railway Station

Stopping through Wellington’s CBD (from Lambton Quay, Willis Street, Manners Street to Courtenay Place). Stops are within 5 minutes' walk to most of the central city’s hotels, offices and attractions.

At Wellington International Airport, the bus departs and pick-up from the AX bus stop (#7399) outside the airport terminal.

Last published: Friday, July 1, 2022 at 9:25 AM