Your Transport Today - Issue 7 - September 2014

Your Transport Today – Issue 7 – September 2014

Welcome to Your Transport Today!

Replacing the former Metlink News, Your Transport Today will bring you the latest information on your public transport in the region.  Your Transport Today will focus particularly on what’s happening with bus, train and harbour ferry services over the next three months. You can find out more about public transport in the region on our web and mobile sites.  We welcome your feedback and are very happy to answer any questions you have about public transport in the Wellington region. You can get in touch by emailing

Your Transport Today Issue 7

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Public transport fares stay the same this year

Bus, train and harbour ferry customers will not face a fare increase this year, due to favourable financial results.

Over the last few years fares have been increased slightly each October to cover rising costs and to maintain the balance of costs covered by public transport users, regional ratepayers and taxpayers.  The Regional Council, which sets the fares, has a policy of small, annual fare increases rather than very occasional large increases.

However, this year there’s no need for a fare increase due mainly to reduced train running costs, better than expected passenger numbers and higher fare revenue. 

Fares will be reviewed again next year.

Wellington City bus network design update

The nitty gritty of a new bus network through Wellington City is being worked through with several communities to make sure that services meet most people’s needs.

The new network will give considerably more people access to a major bus route and provide more evening and weekend services to many suburbs and brand new services to some areas.

The new network aims to make it easier for people to get around Wellington City by bus with key routes that run from one side of the city to the other and connect easily with other suburban services and those going to major destinations.

The new network is expected to be rolled out progressively from 2017. Check link) for updates. 

Buses at Lambton Quay 

Improvements at Porirua and Raroa Stations

We’ve received some great feedback about the new park and ride area at Porirua Station.  Thank you Porirua commuters for your patience and tolerance while the work was being done.

Two hundred and fifty parking spaces have been created in the area next to the existing commuter car park which was used as ‘overflow’ parking.  The improvements have transformed a piece of land peppered with potholes to an attractive, secure carpark to leave your car in and take the train.

Extensive environmentally-friendly drainage was installed and the area was fully landscaped.  Lights have been installed in both the new carpark and beneath the Mungavin Bridge. The new carpark also has CCTV.

As funding becomes available, more parking will be created north of the station.

If you’re thinking of walking or cycling to Porirua Station as the weather warms up and the days get longer, you might be pleasantly surprised to see how quickly you can get there. Check out the Porirua Station time radius map at link)

A new, secure bike cage has also been installed in the main car park next to the subway entrance. It can hold up to 12 bikes. To rent a space email

At Raroa Station, 35 new parking spaces are now available. These have been created to compensate for the reduced parking at Johnsonville Station to make way for the construction of the new bridge over the railway line at Broderick Road.   

Time to take a ferry

Now that Spring is here, it’s a great time to get out on the harbour and get a whole new perspective on Wellington from the water. For timetables, check

Passengers disembarking the harbour ferry at Days Bay Wharf.

Real Time Information

The last of the Real Time Information display screens are up on the Golden Mile.

Apart from the screens, Real Time Information for buses and trains is available at link), on the Metlink mobile site and from the Metlink Call Centre 0800 801 700.

We want to make sure that Real Time Information is as reliable and accurate as possible so if you experience any issues with it, we’d like to know so we can investigate and try and prevent it from happening again.  It would be really helpful if you could tell us – via an email to -  what the issue was and the number of the particular bus route, what the time was, where you saw the information, e.g. mobile device or a display screen and the location of the display screen. 

More Matangi in production

Production of the new fleet of Matangi trains is going well in South Korea. Thirty-five two-car units have been ordered and are expected to begin arriving from the middle of next year.  As the new trains begin service, the last of the old Ganz Mavag trains will be retired, giving the Wellington region a single electric train fleet.  

Matangi being built in a Hyundai Rotem factory in South Korea

New station building for Upper Hutt

Upper Hutt commuters are set to get a new station within the next two years.  The new station will include a bright, modern waiting room and ticket office for train users, protection from the wind and rain for bus users, public toilets, improved lighting and CCTV to improve safety at night, better access for pedestrians and cyclists and facilities for train and bus staff.

Work on the station is due to begin early next year.

An artist impression of the new building at Upper Hutt Station

Real Time Information trial for Wairarapa and Otaki buses

Wairarapa and Otaki bus customers will soon be able to get Real Time Information, telling them when their bus will arrive and how far away it is.

A system specifically suited to smaller bus companies and more rural bus services, is being trialled by the operators of Metlink bus services in Wairarapa and Otaki and it’s expected to be available publicly within the next few months.

Bus customers in Otaki and Wairarapa will be able to get the information – when it is available  online, through mobile devices or from the Metlink service centre.

What’s happening on the Network?

Wellington Sky Show 2014

Effective on 8 November 2014

Route 14 bus services will be diverted due to road closures on Oriental Parade through to Evans Bay Parade in both directions for the Wellington Sky Show 2014 event. There will be some additional bus and train services for this event. Visit in the week prior for more information. 

Bus service disruptions

Some Metlink bus services will be disrupted due to road closures in both directions for the following events:

  • 6 December 2014 – Wainuiomata Christmas Parade
  • 7 December 2014 – Upper Hutt Santa Parade
  • 14 December 2014 – Wellington City Santa Parade

Visit in the week prior for more information.

Please check to see if there are any bus service disruptions for other similar events over the coming months.

 Kapiti Line

Effective until December 2014

Buses will be replacing trains while night works take place most weeks from Sunday to Wednesday, and during some weekends. This is so foundations can be laid for new traction poles between Porirua and Waikanae Stations.

 Kapiti Line

Effective 25 - 28 October 2014 (Labour Day weekend)

Buses will be replacing trains so new traction poles and tracks can be installed.

 Johnsonville Line

Effective 27 - 28 September, 1 - 2 November and 22 - 23 November 2014

Buses will be replacing trains so preparation work can be carried out for the upgrade of the Broderick Road over bridge. 

 Hutt Valley Line

Effective 27 - 28 September and 22 - 23 November 2014

Buses will be replacing trains so maintenance work can be carried out.

   Christmas / New Year holiday timetable information

Effective 25 December 2014 until 4 January 2015

Metlink will be running a holiday timetable from 25 December 2014 until 4 January 2015. This means that some bus, train or harbour ferry services will be running to a special or weekend timetable. Christmas/New Year timetable information will be available from late November 2014 at by calling 0800 801 700 or picking up a Christmas/New Year timetable from a Metlink timetable stockist.

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