Take your bike on the bus with you - we are trialling bike racks on some bus services from October

Greater Wellington Regional Council are trialling bike racks on selected Metlink public transport bus services from Monday 3 October 2016 until Friday 31 March 2017.

Newlands Coach Services have agreed to partner with us for the trial and bike racks will be available on some of their Newlands Bus Services during the trial period.

“Newlands Coach Services is pleased to be partnering with Greater Wellington Regional Council in the upcoming trial of bike racks on buses. We, like GWRC, are keen to promote all alternative forms of sustainable transport (including public transport)," says Ian Turner CEO, Mana Coach Services.

"We support the trial of the bike racks on buses and the resulting additional choices that will be made available to the public to combine multi-modal transport uses.”

This trial is being run with the aim of enhancing the Wellington region’s transport network by offering more travel choices for the public. Bike racks on buses have been in successful operation in many other cities around the world and in New Zealand for a number of years. They offer customers more accessibility and flexibility when choosing how to travel in the Wellington region and encourage the integration of sustainable and active travel options.

Currently Metlink allows bikes to be taken on some rail services so this trial will allow us to look at offering a similar service on public bus services.

Bike racks will not be available on all public bus services during the trial. The service is being trialled on selected Newlands services to test its viability and if successful, we intend having bike racks on the front of all public bus services (except school services) in the future.

 Find out more about the bike rack on buses trial - including how to use the bike racks.

Have a Go sessions

Public Have a Go Sessions will be held in Wellington City and Johnsonville as follows:

  • Tuesday 20 September, 4pm – 6pm, Johnsonville Community Centre Carpark, Moorefield Road.
  • Wednesday 21 September, 4pm – 6pm, Odlins Plaza, Waterfront
  • Monday 26 September, 4pm – 6pm, Odlins Plaza, Waterfront
  • Tuesday 27 September, 12noon – 2pm, Odlins Plaza, Waterfront

People are welcome to bring their own bikes to try them on the racks, however, bikes will also be provided for people to use.

These events will be cancelled if there is bad weather and announcements for this will be made here and on the Facebook(external link).

Key Information on bike rack on buses trial:

  • The trial will take place on selected Newlands bus services as detailed in the timetable. Bike rack services will have a "BR" notation next to them on our online timetables
  • There is no extra fare cost for carrying a bike on a bus, normal fares apply
  • Racks can only fit two bikes at a time and are available on a first come first served basis, so please allow extra time for your journey.
  • Loading and unloading your bike is your responsibility. The driver is unable to assist you with this; however they will look to check that the bike is securely on the rack
  • The racks are designed to carry two bikes at a time with wheels larger than 16” in diameter and weighting no more than 25kg per bike. Electric Bikes with their batteries removed are permitted as they do not exceed this limit
  • No “cargo" or “tandem” type bikes or bikes with “fat tyres” are allowed as they are too large for the bike rack to carry them. 
  • High backed child seats and anything that will obstruct the drivers visibility are not allowed for safety reasons.
  • We recommend that children aged 13 or under be assisted by an adult to load and unload the bike from the rack
  • Before the bus arrives, ensure that any loose items that could fall off during your trip (e.g. bottles, pumps, lights, panniers etc.) have been removed from your bike. Items that are securely attached can remain on the bike
  • Always load and unload your bike at the very front of the bus stop. Never stand behind another bus or in the general flow of traffic when loading or unloading your bike
  • Do not lock your bike to the bike rack. The spring loaded bar will lock your bike securely in place
  • Lost Property: Unremoved bikes will be treated as lost property by Newlands Bus Services. Find out more about lost property on Wellington's public transport network
  • Disclaimer: Passengers and their bikes travel at their own risk and Greater Wellington Regional Council and Newlands Bus Services are not liable for whatever reason (to the extent permitted by law), for any losses, damage, costs or inconvenience suffered by passengers or any other person, or for loss or damage to any property (including bikes).