Satisfaction Steady with Wellington Public Transport

An annual customer satisfaction survey of public transport in the Wellington region shows satisfaction on par with last year’s survey at 92%.

Barbara Donaldson, Chair of the Regional Transport Committee, says over 3,800 customers were surveyed and the results showcase Wellington’s Metlink public transport network is continuing to achieve a very high standard of service.

“There are always areas that require an ongoing focus and that’s why public feedback is important to us. We will continually strive to provide the region’s commuters the best public transport network in the country and, particularly this coming year, people are going to notice some great changes.”

You can download a copy of the report

Key results from the survey show:

Overall satisfaction with the current trip remained stable and on par with the previous survey at 92%, with the ferry services enjoying a slight increase (+2) to 99%.

  • Bus 92% (down 2%)
  • Train 93% (steady 0%)
  • Harbour ferry 99% (up 2%)
  • Personal security during the trip:
    • Bus 95% (steady 0%)
    • Train 96% (steady 0%)
    • Harbour ferry 99% (down 1%)

Other key results included:

  • 89% (steady 0%) saying they were satisfied with the attitude of the driver or staff
  • 80% (up 3%) of rail passengers feel they have enough seats available 
  • 87% (down 2%) would recommend Metlink Services to others

In another survey in May, 450 customers were asked what they thought of Metlink’s website with most features rating 4 out of 5 for ease of use.

Councillor Donaldson says customers gave some really useful feedback.

“Thanks to public input, in the next few weeks there will be changes in the website’s journey planner and a new “Locate” option to allow customers to track their bus on a map. 

"We now have over 25,000 people signed up with a My Metlink account and over 10,500 Twitter uses. With the stormy winter Wellington’s been having, signing up or following us is useful for receiving notifications and alerts on services when there’s a weather event, road closure or breakdown.”

To create a Metlink account, please go to or you can follow us at @metlinkwgtn(external link).

You can read a summary of Greater Wellington Regional Council’s Public Transport Satisfaction Survey on the GWRC website.(external link)