Plan Ahead for Summer - Concession Changes from 1 May

Service Changes

Timetable Updates from 28 January

With patronage back to pre-covid levels, Metlink is updating timetables and adding extra trips to some routes. Web timetables are available online now.

  • Paper brochures will be available for core and standard routes from mid-January.
  • PDF downloads of core routes, standard routes and peak-only routes will be available from mid-January.

If your route is affected by these changes, we encourage you to ensure your timetables are up to date.

Improved Network Map & Timetable Brochure Design 

The introduction of route and timetable changes requires a new network map and printed timetable brochures. 

Network maps showing the 28 January changes are available online now.

We are using this opportunity to refresh and simplify the design of our printed timetable brochures. This helps manage the cost of printing, and allows customers to print clearer timetables at home on demand. More information on the new timetable brochures coming soon.