No fare increase proposed for 2017

In what will be welcome news to the Wellington Region's loyal public transport users, GWRC is proposing not to increase public transport fares in the next financial year.

"This is the fourth year in a row that fares have been held flat. Low inflation, low fuel prices and healthy rail patronage have all combined to make a fare increase again unnecessary this year", says Chris Laidlaw, Council Chairperson of the Greater Wellington Regional Council.

While no fare increase is being proposed for next year, the Council is signalling an intention to make some fare changes in mid-2018. The fare changes considered will include off-peak discounts, tertiary student discount, transfer discounts, changes to zone boundaries and the standardisation of fare rules. The fare changes will be based on the fare policies outlined in the Regional Public Transport Plan.

"We've heard from the community the desire for a number of new options in our fare policy and we will consider whether these are affordable and how they would be funded. We have a target of collecting 55-60% of our public transport operating costs from fares. In order to maintain that target, changes to fares - including discounts - may require increasing fares at that time".