Metlink trains and buses free on Christmas Eve, Day, and New Year’s Eve

Metlink trains and buses will be free this year on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve for all passengers in the Wellington region.

The three fare holidays were approved by the Greater Wellington Transport Committee today as a gesture of goodwill to Metlink customers.

Metlink General Manager Samantha Gain said regional councillors were pleased to offer free public transport on these special days.

“Helping to bring friends and whanau together for free at Christmas and New Year’s Eve is a way of supporting the community hard hit by cost of living increases during a difficult year.”

The fare holidays also have regional health and safety benefits, Ms Gain said.

“By offering free alternatives to private vehicle use, the fare holidays reduce traffic volumes and carbon emissions, particularly late in the evenings.

“They can also discourage drinking and driving on days we’re all eager to celebrate with loved ones.”

While service cancellations are unlikely during the fare holidays, Metlink will work with its operators to minimise any disruption caused by the driver shortage, Ms Gain said.

“The national bus driver shortage continues to cause high levels of cancellations, particularly in Wellington city. We share our customers’ frustration with these disruptions and assure them we are doing everything we can to restore certainty for passengers and reliability to our network.”

  • On Christmas Eve, buses and trains will run to the Saturday timetable. 
  • On Christmas Day, buses and trains will run to the Sunday timetable.
  • On New Year’s Eve buses and trains will run to the Saturday timetable. The New Year’s Eve fare holiday finishes at 4am on New Year’s Day. 

The special timetable for Metlink services over the Christmas and New Year period will be available through the Metlink app and website later in the year.