Metlink driver feedback behind new trial

Staff & Operators

Incontinence, sanitary and menstrual product dispenser in a bathroomMetlink is implementing a three month trial of incontinence, sanitary and menstrual product dispensers at multiple staff toilet facilities around the region.

The trial is part of an ongoing suite of improvements based on feedback from front line Metlink staff.

Melissa Anderson, Manager of Metlink Operations, is pleased to see the trial take shape so quickly and with the possibility of more staff dispensers across the region.

“We’ve got staff dispensers going in a number of our main layover facilities and we’ll use the feedback to determine whether the products will continue to be available or if additional units will be added to satellite facilities and more driver depots,” says Melissa Anderson.

Metlink General Manager Scott Gallacher says the trial is all about making sure drivers are comfortable during their workday.

“Our front line team provide a crucial service for our communities and we want to make sure that they’re as comfortable as possible and have access to these essential products whilst working across our network”.

The dispensers will be serviced and stocked by Metlink, and are just one part of a bigger plan.

The reception from our front-line staff, even before we had the units fitted was appreciative and positive, and continues to be with the trial now underway” says Scott Gallacher.

This underpins our relationship with our front line staff and guides our future work in providing more high calibre staff facilities” Gallacher adds.

One driver noted” it’s really awesome to see these dispensers in the bathrooms at Wellington Station. It eases my mind greatly knowing that any staff member who may unexpectedly need these products, or cannot afford them at the time, will have access to them. Thank you for this initiative”.

While another commented “just wanted to say that I think this is a great initiative and am glad to see our diverse workforce recognised with the inclusion of this dispenser in the male bathroom. It has certainly resulted in some interesting discussions with some staff have gained further awareness”.

Additionally, new facilities at 284 Thorndon Quay are being built, while the Lambton Interchange modernisation programme is also well underway.

“We are working with unions, territorial authorities across the region and our operators to fully understand these needs and ensure that that drivers are well supported and have access to a good standard of facilities” says Scott Gallacher.