Metlink disappointed by last minute cancellations from NZ Bus

Disruptions & Detours

Passengers travelling on Metlink services operated by NZ Bus experienced almost 70 last-minute cancellations today (Wednesday, 31 March 2021).

Metlink General Manager, Scott Gallacher, said the recent service from NZ Bus simply wasn’t good enough.

“Cancellations are never a welcome sign but it’s doubly disappointing for passengers who get hit with last-minute cancellations,” says Scott Gallacher.

“Obviously, we’re working with NZ Bus on how they will address this situation. It is very disappointing and everyone is working to try to remedy the situation.

“Metlink successfully operates around 22,000 bus trips each week and we pride ourselves in delivering a great public transport network for our communities. 

“Over the last 12 months, as we have operated in a COVID-19 environment, our drivers have been at the forefront in providing an essential service throughout a pandemic response. 

“Our drivers do an amazing job and provide an excellent service for the region’s communities.

“Ultimately, the onus is on operators like NZ Bus to ensure they have drivers available to continue to provide great services to Metlink passengers.

“I want to thank all passengers for their patience as we continue to work with our operators and I want to assure them that we are taking every necessary action to turn around this disappointing trend of cancellations,” says Scott Gallacher.