Metlink advises SIX60 concert-goers to seek alternative travel to and from rescheduled gig

Metlink has warned SIX60 concert-goers that there will be limited public transport available for the rescheduled gig today and advises ticket holders to seek alternative travel arrangements instead.  

Wellington City Council has advised that time limits will not apply on metered parking in the CBD from 4.00pm today.

Metlink had put in a range of extra services and extra capacity for yesterday's concert but is unable to do so for the hastily rescheduled performance.

Sunday timetables are in effect which means there are fewer trains and buses in service - severely limiting the amount of people they can take on board. 

Sunday services finish earlier than traditional Saturday and weekday services which may leave some concert-goers without public transport options to get home after the performance

Buses are also replacing some train services in the evening today, so works can be carried out on the entire Hutt Valley line, and between Wellington and Porirua for the Kāpiti line. 

Concert attendees should check the Metlink app and website before travelling and Metlink strongly encourages passengers to seek alternative transport arrangements wherever possible.