Karori bus customers are getting extra buses today to ease the work and school commute into the city.

Two buses have been added earlier than expected, after they became available from NZ Bus in Auckland.  Greater Wellington Regional Council has been working with NZ Bus to get extra buses for the region, and specifically to provide more seats on the busy Karori commute.

The new buses will stand out from other buses on the route, as they are still painted blue.

Angus Gabara, Manager Bus & Ferry Operations says customers have been asking for more buses to ease the busy commute, and the council is delighted to have been able to provide them sooner than expected.

Angus Gabara says permanent extra services were confirmed for the new year but we felt that given commuter numbers GWRC couldn’t afford to wait.

“It might initially be confusing for people expecting a yellow bus, but I’m sure the lure of a seat to the city will overcome that pretty quickly” he said.