Greater Wellington welcomes serious commitment to freeing up city congestion for public transport

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GWRC has welcomed a multi-billion dollar transport funding announcement as a serious commitment to freeing up congestion for public transport in Wellington city.

Chris Laidlaw, Chair of Greater Wellington says this is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to build a system that has public transport, walking and cycling at the centre rather than having to struggle for space amid rising numbers of private cars.

“We know that simply building yet more roading capacity is no longer an option. That is mid-20th century thinking. What’s needed is a shift in the balance between the private car and public transport. That is why mass transit needs to be introduced alongside a bus network that is given far more priority within the city than it currently has. Work on bus priority needs to begin immediately while we finalise the best option for mass transit.”

“We have been waiting for these changes for a long time and it is great that we are now poised to make them happen”.

“There will of course be trade-offs in achieving this and we have recognised that from the start. Changing travel behaviours and expectations will be the fundamental premise underpinning everything we do over the next 10-20 years”.

Greater Wellington has been working alongside Wellington City Council and the NZ Transport Agency on LGWM and a number of other positive initiatives to create a joined up, integrated approach to regional access to the city for key destinations such as the hospital and the airport.

Greater Wellington Councillors will debate the detail of the LGWM package when it meets in June.