Getting the most from this new website

Welcome to the new Metlink website – it’s all about making travel around the Wellington region even easier with Real Time Information at your fingertips.

This guide will help you get the most from the website’s new key features.

My Metlink

We suggest you take five minutes to set up a My Metlink account so you can get the travel information you’re most interested in receiving, including for your favourite stops and routes, and any delays and changes. It’s easy!

  • Click on “Create a new account” on the blue bar in the right top hand corner of the screen
  • Complete the form with your personal details, transport preferences, up to three favourite locations and up to three favourite stops and select whether you would like to receive email updates 
  • Check your email to activate your account and congrats, you’re on your way to easier travel!
  • Login whenever you visit the Metlink website and you’ll see that your favourite stops are saved on the homepage – putting the info you need right in front of you 


You can use the site’s locate feature to find a particular train or bus and see it tracking towards you on a map in real time. The guessing is gone!

  • Find the locate tab on the homepage of the website next to the plan tab
  • Use the drop-down menu to select a bus or train service you want to locate and its real time GPS will show you where it is and how it’s tracking against its schedule 
  • Get the most from the capital city by using the second drop-down menu to locate popular Wellington attractions
  • NB: If you want to move the map around just click and drag on the map. If you want to zoom in or out just use the sliding zoom bar on the bottom right hand corner of the map


The plan feature lets you plot your journey with Real Time Information on the services you can use, trip times, and fare information.

  • Find the plan tab on the homepage of the website next to the locate tab
  • Two options here folks…either 
  • Click on the map to select the start and end points of your journey or
  • Enter your start and end points using the drop down menus on the plan tab 
  • If you want more trip planning detail or information, select the "More options" link on the plan tab where you can enter additional stops, when you want to leave, the maximum number of transfers you want to make, how far you prefer to walk and your preferred modes of transport
  • When you’ve entered all your information click on the "Show my Journey" button on the plan tab


We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new site so use the website’s feedback feature, Twitter(external link), or phone us on 0800 801 700.