Future Rail

Projects & Partnerships

future rail logoBuilding a better rail network

for the Wellington Region

Future Rail is a collection of projects underway to deliver a rail network with fewer speed restrictions and outages, longer trains and more frequent services to allow for growth.

The Future Rail vision has two key areas of work: renewing existing infrastructure and adding capacity to the network. Both areas of work go hand in hand, and both are required for the complete Future Rail vision. Projects have various budgets, timelines and partners carrying out the work.

Renewing existing infrastructure so services run as smoothly as possible:

  • Replacing and modernising the overhead power system and signals power supply
  • Renewing the track, across the network including inside the four major tunnels

Adding capacity so more people can travel on trains in the future:

  • Double tracking the network where possible
  • Improvements to select railway stations
  • New hybrid trains for the Wairarapa and Manawatū lines

Key Milestones

Projects across the network to improve rail services – expected by 2026

  • Renew signals power supply – complete
  • Renew traction overhead power line systems - complete
  • Renew track at the end of its lifespan – expected by 2025
  • More traction sub-stations to cater for an increase in frequency and regional trains – expected by 2026 if additional funding is agreed

Improvement of infrastructure along each line to allow more frequent train services

For more information on the Wellington Metro Upgrade Programme – visit KiwiRail(external link)

For more information on Lower North Island Rail Integrated Mobility – visit the business case(external link)

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